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Holiday Gift Guides For Everyone on Your List (With Stuff Under $20 – And Even $5!)

Holiday Gift Guides

With the festival season round the corner, there would be a rush in the gift shops for buying gifts for family, friends, and lovers. There would always be this confusion that what gift should we give our beloved so that it would touch them and would remain with them. Here are some ideas which might help you in selecting a gift for your beloved and that too within your budget.

For Grown-ups

  • Personalized address stamper: Personalized or customized gifts are the best choice when it comes to gifting someone. If there’s someone in your life who writes letters more often, then this personalized stamper would be a great gift for them.
  • Award ribbons: Won’t it be an awesome idea of organizing an award ceremony in the family, with each member getting a tag according to their personality. The award ribbons would be a great way to make the Christmas night lot more fun.
  • Zodiac sign necklace: We all know that the zodiac signs look really beautiful and the souvenirs made with these signs look even more wonderful. You can gift a zodiac sign necklace or a bracelet to your beloved this Christmas.
  • Sweet Mug: This is basically a DIY All you have to do is take a small mason jar and fill it with all the ingredients that are required for making hot chocolate. You can several such jars. Each with a different recipe like muffins, cakes, cocoa or some fruit juice. Make sure that you keep only the dry ingredients and not the wet one. Write the recipe on a piece of paper and stick it on the lid. You can even make it more personalized by writing a small note for the person.
  • Coffee table dominoes game: This would serve as a win-win gift. Who won’t love this dominoes set? It would fun to play it and arrange the dominoes with the whole family and then have a fun time.

For Kids

  • Personalized crayon sets: Kids love crayons but won’t it be a nice idea to gift the kids a personalized set? The name of the child would be there on the crayon. Imagine the happiness on the face of the child’s face!
  • Instant camera: It would really be amice idea to gift an instant camera to the kids. The operating of the camera would be really simple and the kids would enjoy playing with it and might even develop a passion for photography.
  • Customized leather jacket: A leather jacket with the name of your child stamped at the back. Seems like a great idea, right? Try this one during Christmas. It won’t only protect the child from the biting cold but would even be more special as it has his/her name on the jacket.
  • Charm bracelets: Charm bracelets would be a great choice. These bracelets have different charms, which the kids would love.

These were some of the ideas which you can gift to your beloved. All the gifts stated above are between $5-$20 making it easier to buy. Some of the DIY gifts are also there which one can gift to their beloved during the festivals.

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