Are you the owner of a senior dog? You must be aware of the requirements of a senior dog. Their needs are a lot different from that of their younger counterpart. In comparison to the small dog breeds the dogs belonging to the large breed age quicker. Irrespective of whether you have taken an elderly dog or cat from a shelter or the aging process is catching up you need to make adjustments. You will be getting clues along the way, and if you are observant, you will see the signs of aging.

Points of concerns

Your dog may be facing difficulty in getting in or out of your vehicle or climbing on a sofa. Your dog may be facing degenerative diseases which are causing him to slow down. He may be forced to curtail his physical activities because he no longer has the same energy level as before.

dental diseases

1. Dealing with dental diseases

Dental diseases may be a source of concern for older pets. Dental issues may start at an early age. If such problems are not appropriately treated, then your canine may end up losing teeth by the time he reaches old age. Paying attention to dental hygiene is necessary for the maintenance of teeth. Gum diseases can cause a lot of pain, and your dog may start avoiding food if such a situation arises. If they do not show any inclination for brushing, then you should give them specialized toys.

2. Focus on their diet

Concentrate on the diet of your pet while they grow older. You may see that they have started accumulating extra pounds due to excessive intake of food. Alternatively, they may be consuming less food which is an indicator of an underlying disease. Get in touch with a vet so that you will be able to know whether your pet has the right weight or not. Obtain advice on dietary requirements and nutritional intake.

3. Embracing exercise for mind and body

You cannot undermine the importance of the dog walk. Such walks are necessary to keep the joints in good health. It is a prudent decision to not indulge anymore with evening walks. If your cat is no longer strolling outdoors due to old age, then you can opt for a cat lead. This is an excellent option for cats to breathe in fresh air. Keep the brain of your dog or cat agile through the introduction of riddles and interactive toys. Just as physical fitness is essential, even mental enrichment is necessary too.

Give them love and care

Go in for a consultation with your vet if you notice any behavioral change of your pet. Take steps so that your canine does not have to compromise on the quality of life.

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