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If the person you want to give a Christmas gift is a person who is fascinated by the Russian President, Vladimir Putin, you can plan on giving him a 2017 Calendar featuring Mr. Putin in different poses and moods. The Calendar has been priced at 95 cents. Anyone can buy them to see the President in different moods engaged in different activities. It is a rare thing that a country’s President has gone for a photo shoot, but that is the case with Mr. Putin in Russia. A similar calendar was published for 2016 also, and limited editions had come out for the same.

Large demands of the calendar

Each photograph of Mr. Putin is in a striking pose and is accompanied by a thought-provoking quotation from the President. He is seen to be involved in different exciting activities. Mr. Putin is already very popular as a political leader in the country. A calendar with his photo shoot pictures is obviously a hit and a huge demand can be seen among the people. They want to own a copy as a collector’s edition. It has been published by Zvezdi I Soveti (Stars and Advice) which is a tabloid magazine of Russia.

Consolidating the brand ‘Putin’

With the Putin calendar on sale, this has become an annual trend. The photos of the Russia are not all recent ones. They are select ones from the different experiences Mr. Putin has gone through in the past few years. The country’s head going public with his photographs is a debated thing. But, he has been successful in further penetrating the psyche of the people of Russia. A well-crafted approach, and has been successful in selling himself as a brand. It can be said that being on the chair as the country’s President, this has been a bold approach by him.

Is it a strategy by Putin

Some may see it as an attempt on the part of Mr. Putin to make a deeper mark in the mind of the people for the next Presidential elections, scheduled to be held in the first quarter of 2018. It is a carefully devised strategy rolled out well in advance. Whatever may be the reality, the different poses that he has clicked of himself shows that he is a passionate man and loves to engage in various adventurous activities which are not generally to be seen among many top post holders

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