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Apple gets something brilliant for the iPhone users. Now, their phone will have a button through which they can identify and even catch the thieves who try to steal their costly phone. The company puts out a patent for the same. This is a system that can deploy the sensors of iPhone to identify the thief whenever the device was tried to steal from the owner. The system will track their fingerprints and photos.

Yes; you are right. It has similar features of third-party lock screen app of another Smartphone manufacturer, Android. In this feature, if someone puts an incorrect password to open the phone for more than ones, then a snap will be taken of that person and send to the user automatically. The same technique is used in this system of iPhone sensor that can take a picture of a person who tries to have a “close look” at the phone when you are not presence nearby.

Some More Features Are Added

However, this time, the process becomes more authentic because the system will have not only the picture but also the fingerprints of that potential thief. That is not all; there are some other data that also will be collected when someone unwanted will try to take your phone. You can get a notification about the time of day, audio, location, video, etc. to be sure about where, how and when the incident happened.

Get Circumstantial Evidence Easily

When you have the fingerprints, picture, location, audio and many other things to prove that who was the thief or has tried to steal the phone, then you can easily use those points as the circumstantial evidence against that person. Moreover, such kind of system can make the thieves also alert, and you can stop their activities.

In iPhone, 6 Apple comes up with a Touch ID biometric security feature through which they wish to ensure the safety and protection of the device from any unwanted entity more than before. When you can have such kind of patented system with that inbuilt security feature, then you can feel more relaxed regarding the safety of your expensive Smartphone.

The patent mentions that there should be external data storage system to store the collected data and check them later. In addition to that storage, the real intention of the suspect can be understood through the recording. The recording will tell you what exactly the person wanted to do with your phone during that incident.

Knowing The Real Intention

The system can allow you to understand or know the real feature of the person who was trying to do “something” with your iPhone. It can draw a fine line between realizing that someone really wishes to steal your phone or knowing that your 6-year-old son felt extremely attracted towards your shiny new iPhone 8 and want to have a close look at the same.

Police also can avoid many unwanted situations and hazards because of this added feature of iPhone. They can be sure about the intention of that suspect and take the right action according to the same.

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