With the year coming to an end, you sure have whittled down a list of resolutions which, either intentionally or due to unforeseen circumstances, you couldn’t take up, and therefore are contemplating on resolving those in the year that is approaching near. But, what’s the point in dragging those same objectives in the ensuing year when you couldn’t accomplish them in the previous year itself? Have you ever thought why? Well, the answer is pretty simple. It takes great determination and perseverance to bring intent to fruition, and you lack exactly that.

Thus, instead of hastily making up resolutions in your mind, you need to inculcate new behavioral changes that would aid you in being firm and resolute to achieve your goals. Read the below-mentioned points to steer your life to a new direction.

  1. Set up Deadlines for each Goal

Simply promising and swearing to you for achieving the set motives in the New Year won’t do anymore. You must present yourself with deadlines that would propel you to take up those tasks and get them done by the stipulated timeline.

  1. Concentrate on Aims that are Achievable

No one knows you better than yourself. Hence, don’t set up goals that would be quite a task to achieve. Say, for instance, you want to shed that extra flab from your waistline. However, you consider yourself a foodie, and end up eating ravenously almost anything, especially junk food, that comes your way. Do you think that you would ever be able to cross over to the other side? A big ‘no’ must be swirling in your mind. The challenge is to refrain yourself from the temptation of laying your hands on all sorts of junk food. Only then can you reach your target.

  1. Polish Yourself With Each Passing Day

There’s no need to get disheartened if things don’t go the way as you had wanted them to. Many times it so happens that other commitments come in our way, due to which, we aren’t able to devote the required time and attention to our set goals. Fret not. The universe won’t crash by your failure. Instead, try focusing on your other attributes and honing them up, thereby transitioning into a refined person in the New Year.

  1. Resort to Productivity Apps

With the mobile operating systems launching zillions of applications every single day, downloading and installing a productivity app on your phone won’t be too difficult. What say? A productivity app helps you maintain a to-do list of all the things that have been plaguing your mind for quite some time now but, you haven’t yet been able to pursue them. Some of the most downloaded productivity apps are Evernote, Google Keep, Any.Do amongst others.

  1. Let Go of all the Baggage

Last but not the least, do not let the past control your present. Leave all the unfulfilled dreams, unaccomplished objectives, and heartbreaks in this year, and let the New Year engulf you in its optimism, love, merriment, and peace.

Ready to take on the New Year with new hopes and aspirations? Keep sifting through the article unless and until you’ve regained your lost hopes, and are all geared up for some new challenges.

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