Worklife balance

Half of the workforce in the world comprises of women who share equal burdens and perform at par with their male counterparts. Despite proving themselves time and again, they have to face the biggest challenge in the form of work and family responsibilities. Women have to relentlessly choose between being a mother who has to take care of her children and her duty or her job. This is a very difficult decision, and a working woman has to make such a choice on a daily basis. The only way this problem can be solved is by reducing any conflict between work and family. Let us discuss the conflict and ways of reducing them.

Work-life conflict

In developed and developing countries, the conflict between work and life has been seen to a greater extent. Long and tedious working hours play havoc with the personal life and demand for one’s attention and time make roles interfering with one another. This results in conflict.
When professional work demands a lot of time and starts encroaching on your time, it has a negative impact on your personal life. Conversely, if your family demands your more time, this can have a drastic impact on your working lives, it results in a conflict. This is a situation that can have a bearing on the performance of a person bogging her down intensely.

How to tackle this conflicting situation?

It is very difficult and sometimes challenging to choose between family and work. An experiment conducted on this subject indicated that there is always more pressure on one side relative to another side. It was seen that whichever side exerted more pressure, people tend to move to that side. If the pressure at the professional front is greater than the family front, people tend to sway towards greater pressure. It turns out to be a precarious situation for people. When there is equal pressure on both sides, a person can choose the side which is more significant for her.

Life Quality

It is very important to strike a balance between work and personal life. It is also significant to note that life quality of a person improves or deteriorates with ups and downs in work-family balance. This is why people who are more involved with their work experiences more stress and family conflict thereby reducing their life quality. Conversely, people who are more involved in their family enjoy a greater life quality. Tensions and stress levels are low, and they can enjoy their life to a greater extent.

Conflict Reduction

For peace of mind and high-end performance, it is very important that conflict is brought to a minimum. This is possible only when you can structure your life in such a way that both work and life gets equal time. Keeping your work and family life distinct from each other is very important. Allocate your time to both and ensure there is no encroachment on work or family time. This way, the reduced conflict between work and family life can help enjoy best of both worlds.


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