Facebook Disabled Half A Billion Of False Accounts And Removed Multiple Violent Posts

Facebook Disabled Half A Billion Of False Accounts

Have you realized the influence of negative postings on Facebook? An online reputation issue can rock your business to a significant extent. Though at some point of time or the other more or less all the organizations may have to encounter wrath on the social media but the effect is all the acuter when the medium is Facebook. This is because any seismic change in the business world can show up easily on this platform along with the presence of the brand.

Influence of these platforms

The social media platforms play an important role in promoting public debate. They stimulate the growth of populist movements within a short span which would otherwise have taken a long time to gain steam. The creation of an account on Facebook is easy. It is with the help of this kind of platform that highly opinionated individuals can transform themselves into a powerful force. It works out well even for people who are just looking for ways to participate in a popular movement. In the competitive world of today, there is no way you can undermine the importance of social media pages.

Make them feel your presence

All business organizations always like to be a witness to the continuous growth of followers on their social media pages. You are doubtful about the genuineness of those accounts. It may have occurred to you that some of these accounts may be not authentic. Whenever a business has followers where most of them are fake, then this will have serious consequences for the brand. If you want your presence to be felt in the world of digital marketing, then you have to embrace the social media aspect. The sooner you adopt these strategies, the better it will be for your organization.

Getting rid of objectionable content

In the first quarter of this year, Facebook has deleted around half a billion of false accounts. It has also removed multiple contents comprising obscene or violent materials. The objective is to improve the level of transparency especially at the moment when the users are getting concerned about the practices of this social media giant. The task is quite challenging because of the involvement of a humongous number of followers on this network. Numerous human moderators and artificial intelligence systems are put to use for the fulfillment of this purpose. The report which is published by Facebook on this matter in May 2018, also stated clearly that they have not only remove accounts which are fake but they have also removed contents which contained nudity or sex or activities linked to terrorism.

Steered towards a positive direction

You can appeal if your post was removed on the grounds of obscenity. These contents may be related to violence or hatred shown through graphics or blogs. However, at present steps are being taken in a positive direction with the emergence of transparency and the options available to users for appealing quite a few of those decisions.

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