Control Your Anger

Are you annoyed and suddenly found raving and ranting?  Before deliberating on how do you control your anger, it is important you know what Ralph Waldo Emerson has to say about anger. “For every minute you remain angry, you give up sixty seconds of peace of mind”. Well, everyone experiences this emotion, on some occasions or the other.  But what is important is to steer clear of provocation and avoid unwanted outbursts.

  • Notice the signs

You may be angry with a person or the situation, but ultimately, you end up disturbing yourself physically, as well as, mentally. You punish yourself, more than the situation that provokes such a reaction. Hence, there is a need to take stock of the situation. In other words, you should know how to manage the emotion. How do you control anger? First, recognize the signs of anger. If you find your heart beating faster, and if you find yourself breathing more quickly than usual, you do have reasons to prepare yourself for the next line of action. The following techniques may help you to be at ease, and calm yourself down

  • Start counting as soon as you notice the signs of anger

All you need to do is count numbers from one to ten. Instead, of giving your piece of mind, resort to this technique of counting. It helps the process of calming. The fact that you are counting prevents you from lashing out. You can see things (the situation that has provoked your anger), in a clear light. As a result, you learn how to overcome the feeling of irritation.

  • Try to breathe slowly

Here again, the purpose is to help you relax, and take stock of your emotions. Take a deep breathe in, and exhale. As you exhale, hold your breath out for a longer time, than usual. Repeat this process three to four times. You will surely feel better, than initially when you thought of going all out against the one with whom you are angry.

  • Start exercising on a regular basis

Anger is a reflection of your high stress level. So, you should do things that help relax that stress level. Physical exercises including running, jogging and brisk walking help minimize stress.  Swimming, dancing, martial arts, cycling and weight training are of great help. Thus, you can include these in your long-term anger management plan. Yoga, as well as, meditation is of great assistance. Most people who remain calm and collected during difficult situations are accustomed to practicing either yoga or meditation, on a regular basis. Even if you are unable to find time, at least, take out twenty to thirty minutes for the purpose of meditating.

  • Take care of your sleep and health

Overwhelming rage may well be a reflection of an underlying health problem. For that, you have to consult a physician and rule out the issues of hypertension, low blood pressure or blood sugar-related misbalances. But there is another question to address.  It may well happen that you are not getting sufficient sleep. So, you should make it a point to sleep seven to eight hours, on a regular basis. Do remember that sleeping peacefully, at night for seven to eight hours goes a long way towards calming your emotions. Being sleep deprived doesn’t help, at all.

  • Try to do express yourself creatively

Find out what you are good at. A whole lot of talents may be hidden in you. That’s because it is possible to release tension and the pent up emotions of anger by writing, singing a song, painting pictures and dancing. If you are good at composing, try to compose music. Similarly, if you have a flair for singing, take part in music classes. These activities will help channelize your emotions in a creative way. As a result, you will know how to control your overwhelming rage.

  • Maintain an anger management journal

It is important that you use the journal effectively. Use it for writing the details of your feeling, every time, you find yourself in a bout of anger. Mention the trigger that provoked your feelings. Also, include how you expressed yourself, under the provocative situation. It is important that you recognize the triggers that provoke the emotion of anger. From that, you can analyze, how from the next time onwards, you will orient yourself if faced with the similar provocations. In this way, the journal can help you to line up an effective plan for anger management.

Express what you feel

Instead of being angry, try to be assertive. How do you control your anger by being assertive? For that, you need not exaggerate your emotions. Rather, you communicate what you feel about an issue, in a clear, straightforward manner. In that way, you can avoid confusions and disagreement which may well turn out to the possible trigger to your anger.

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