10 Real Challenges Girl Face in the first year of Marriage

first year of Marriage

Does an entirely a new state of Marriage/wedlock intimidate you a bit? Well, you shouldn’t because honestly post-wedding blues is a challenge for both you and your man. It is an entirely new arena, and it is but natural that you are likely to get baffled mostly. There shall be a few strange and new circumstances, but hey brace yourself because it is a matter of few days. Read on to find out the ten challenges that girls face after having exchanged the wedding vows.

1. Absence of a “my” space

Well, the first and the foremost is sharing the room as you may have had roommates in hostels, but the thought of having a permanent one is intimidating. You are quite used to your room and your side pillows and all of a sudden this change gets many morose.

2. No more mommy cooked food

This challenge persists for a long time in a girl’s life because you know you shall not be treated to mommy-made cakes or pasta often. Many girls shudder at the very thought of it.

3. Your man’s benefactors

It is not just you man, but his parents are also the ones you will have to share your life with. This initial awkwardness of suddenly addressing someone else’s parents as mom and dad certainly is difficult.

4. The whole grown-up phase

To suddenly being treated as ultimate adults is probably one of the most difficult challenges. You are expected to be more responsible and practical more like a mature woman.

5. Your girl gang

Not that you cannot meet your girlfriends anymore but the few months after marriage can be hectic. You may want to cling to your friends and partners in crime.

6. Sea-change in routines

The whole routine that you have been following post, your birth is going to change. Right from your cup of coffee to the time you wake up. Nothing remains exactly like before.

7. A new family

It could get a bit too much with a new batch of cousins, uncles, and aunts. The whole game of bond building is unnerving because you have to be your best when making new connections.

8. No time for yourself

You do love your man but having him all the time around you and for everything can get too overwhelming. Sometimes women crave for the quintessential “me time” desperately.

9. Shining new bride

A new bride and everyone around expects you to be well turned out. This expectation of always being impeccable is strenuous.

10. Missing mommy and daddy

Every other challenge other than this is a cakewalk. Long chats with mum and fighting with daddy dearest and brother takes a pause and a long one at that.

The perfect teamworkmarriage-teamwork

Well finally coming out of the grand umbrella of your parents and starting a new beginning is not easy. However, with the passage of time, every notion of yours shall surpass your expectations. Consider the marriage as an exam paper where you are bound to get questions that may be out of the book but never out of the syllabus. After all, marriage is a game that lays its foundation on coordinated teamwork.


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