Augmented Reality Becomes the “Core Technology” of Apple; Declared By Tim Cook


The conflict between the Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) is still going on since Apple has started working with this new concept of AR in the market. As the very name suggests “augmented reality” is a condition where the users are shown or given extra or added information above and over the information they are getting about the real world of their surroundings. On the other hand, virtual reality is creating a completely different environment from the point where the user is standing and watching everything. That means one is added some more cues in the real world and the other one is presenting something totally new to the user which has no match in the real world.

Utilization of The Technology

Both these may have endless differences in pattern, projection, and technical philosophies, but one thing is common that both these technologies are used for entertainment. Microsoft’s HoloLens is one of the top-class AR Headsets that is first of its kind. Though, the technique of AR developers becomes successful to bring both virtual realities and augmented reality closer and mix them perfectly. Pokémon Go is the latest and best example of this fact. They leverage the AR to create and project Pokémon, a virtual game, in our everyday life and make it such a big hit.

New Ideas for New Devices

Apple, till date, prefers to stay out of both the concept and prefer to follow the other technologies in their devices. However, this time, it seems that they are also getting highly interested in AR and trying to make it an important technical part while preparing their latest devices. In a recent interview, Tim Cook was asked about the future of Augmented and Virtual Reality. He said augmented reality or AR has many scopes in the industry of mobile devices. That is the reason Apple is thinking about this as their core technology with which they would work in their latest devices. They will do a lot of work behind the curtain and make something remarkable.

Apple and Innovation In Technologies

Apple did not invent technologies or devices, but they adapt them and make them smarter and better with their very own unique technical attachments. For example, Smartphones were on the market before Apple launched iPhone. But when they started working on the touch feature of mobile devices then they have made “touch” as the basic process of interaction through devices. This time also when Cook has declared that they think AR as the core technology, then we can expect to see some greater and smarter version of the same.

New Technologies are Waiting

When Apple wants to utilize AR as their core technologies, then we can look forward to having something magical soon. We are not aware whether they are going to implement AR in their new iPhones or their car projects, but one thing is for sure – this time something bigger, better and exclusive is waiting for us from the house of Apple. Though it is tough to integrate AR into software applications, we hope Apple will manage everything with ease.

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