Bullying is something everyone has to face during their childhood days. Someone will bully you because you’re short, fat, black-skinned, or based on your religion, and sexual orientations. That is why many states in the country have anti-bullying laws. There is also one particular state that doesn’t feel the necessity to impose anti-bullying norms.

Nothing specific

A “Safe and Drug-free Schools and Communities Act” is part of the federal “No Child Left Behind Act” and almost all the states follow them. However, it is clear that there are no specific federal laws that look into harassment and bullying at schools. Without particular norms, bullying triggers responsibilities under one or several of the federal anti-discrimination laws enforced by the education office for civil rights of the country.

The problem

Yes, there are problems regarding legislating the schoolyard. An underfunded state will face troubles in making schools safer for children. After all, the expenses in imparting the law of abolishing harassments can lead to a cumulative effect which will reduce the safety of kids in areas where state directives are lacking. The legislative anti-bullying measures emphasize the creation of specific requirements at schools, but they don’t provide ample funding to support those directives.

Crossing boundaries

As already mentioned, youngsters suffer at the hands of bullies primarily due to their ethnicity, physical appearance, sexual preferences, gender identity issues, religious beliefs, etc. Since the advent of technological advancements, bullying doesn’t restrict itself within the boundaries of the schoolyard. The internet is bringing in cyber-bullying where electronic devices like cell phones and computers are being the mode of inflicting emotional harm.

Stop Bullying
Stop Cyber-Bullying

Finding a way

Cyber-bullying is much more of a destructor than a derogatory statement thrown at someone inside a classroom or the playground. It is especially heinous because a victim has no way to escape from the abuse. Consider a bully hacking into your phone or computer, stealing incrimination pictures, videos or other information and posting them up on the internet for the world to see. Teenagers often have no other way than to take on new identities or committing suicide. Many states are now trying to enact stringent laws to target cyber-bullying specifically.

A different thought

Whatever legislative ways may target bullying and harassment, it is something that will always remain. In some ways, it can be a boon to a youngster because the world isn’t a bed of roses and everyone will try to overcome you. Bullying can help you stand up for yourself against adversaries, and several well-renowned celebrities, including Olympic sportspersons, movie stars, and musicians, rose to where they are now by standing toe-to-toe against harassments.

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