Destroy Employee Morale

Are you not happy working in your office? The reason might be dreary behaviors of management that destroy employee morale by creating enough dissatisfaction. Sacrificing uncountable hours of your life and In spite of working hard when you don’t get required appreciation, is something that lowers energy levels to a great extent. It’s the hidden reason behind an unsuccessful organization. When the employees don’t find content in their workplace, their performance levels get hampered. Certain factors like erratic work hours, low salary scale, workloads add fuel to the fire, but chief among them is ill-behavior of management. Here are some listed ones.

  1. Taking help of dishonesty

Easiest policy of some managers is to falsify things to employees. To conceal their unfocussed attitude and ignorance, they fake matters to employees. Relying on deceitful and unethical issues makes unbearable for the employees to deal with their leaders. It’s important to maintain transparency and truthfulness for all managers, the violation will destroy employee morale of a good employee with high ethics.

  1. Taking pride

Holding a management position is enough to puff them with arrogance and ambitiousness. Some of the times the managers forget they also hold the same background of the technician in early life, which is why they treat poor technicians inattentively. Most of their queries remain unsolved and that prevent them from an excellent performance.

  1. Dominate over subordinates

Being overconfidence, managers find faults in almost every work of deputy workers. People are not robots, every individual make mistakes; it’s the duty of a good leader to guide their team in the right direction, but there are managers who look for problems rather than solving them. They possess a dominating attitude over junior employees and create pressure on them.

  1. Lack of interaction

Some team heads will only talk once with the employees, ask them what to do and that’s the end. When after few days an employee goes with a presentation, boss simply rejects by saying its all wrong. Waste of money and resource, you can’t even revolt to your boss and shout that it’s you who haven’t interacted with us and guided for an appropriate outcome.

  1. No motivation

It’s hard to sustain in an environment where there’s no word called encouragement and motivation. It is an essential quality of a leader to motivate the group of employees. When you don’t get rewards for your diligence and hard works, you may lose interest to work efficiently, and that will surely put down work outputs.

Maintain a healthy working environment

Working in a fair, social environment, under the guidance of an incredible leader is a dream of multiple individuals. Depressions prevail in your mind when you don’t get 100% job satisfaction. A respective company must look after the well-being of an employee. Any corrupted attitudes that violate morale of a worker should get treated as early as possible. Otherwise, it will lead to an increased turnover rate of companies. Productivity and profitability of an organization are highly dependent on worker health; necessarily organization has to maintain that for its success.

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