Mental Health and Confidence of Your Children

At times it seems that we’re only focusing on education and their general health, more often than not forgetting that we should also work on the mental health of our children and their general confidence. All the future traumas are triggered by things from childhood, and this is precisely what shapes our children’s future, so it’s our job to ensure they have a pleasant one. Physical health of our children, as well as the general feeling of happiness, satisfaction, confidence, and successful social skills are all features that we should worry about. So, what can we, as parents, do to make the most of our children’s lives?

1. Playing is very important

One of the most important things for the life of any child is play, regardless of its age. What a lot of us tend to oversee is that different age groups play in a different way, and it’s very important for us to understand that and what is important to them at a specific time in their lives.

Babies, for example, start to understand the word “play” while looking at their parents for guidance and support, which makes playing one of the crucial things at this stage. As children grow older, their way of playing changes, moving from playing with toys to playing outside and even playing pretend. In order to make sure your child plays in the best possible way, you need to incorporate the idea of playmates. Parents can be playmates to their children at times, but when they opt for this step, adults need to allow themselves to be immersed into the child’s world, where logic doesn’t exist. Also, you can organize different play dates with the children of your friends and let them explore the world in the way that they want to.

2. Nurture the idea of schooling

Nurture the idea of schooling

As you might have noticed from many examples, a lot of kids want to be teachers when they grow up. That is, until they start going to school. Either way, the idea of schooling should be nurtured from an early age, and this is something that can be done through play, at least during the first years of your child’s life.

Playing pretend is something that a lot of children like, so you can, as a playmate, play school with them – not only will you be encouraging learning at an early age, but you will also give them the option of playing school that they desire, while still letting them know what it is like at school. Once they turn certain age, it’s very important to enroll them into kindergarten and pre-school – this is how they will begin to work on their social skills and start gaining the confidence that they need for the future.

3. Let them wear whatever they want

Let them wear whatever they want

If you take a look at different Instagram profiles, you cannot fail but notice a plethora of children that are dressed in the way their parents think is the most appropriate. Many dread the idea of letting their children dress in the way that they want, especially if girls choose to be dressed as boys and vice versa. However, letting your children dress in whatever way they want can have plenty of advantages for the child’s future, so the next time you go shopping, make sure to give them the option of choosing their own favorite kids boutique clothing, and encourage their choices. This is a very important factor in creating the possibility of your child expressing their opinions, something that even many adults lack. Moreover, they need to develop their own taste, and it will do wonders for their confidence.

4. Talk to them

Talk to them

There are numerous examples of parents who really do care about their children, but think that talking to them is not that important. On the contrary, this is one of the most important things that you as a parent should do. It doesn’t matter if they’re toddlers or if they go to primary school – every child has his or her own problems, and we should treat them as such, rather than insignificant events. Not only will you be teaching them a moral lesson but also show how each problem is different and equally important. Finally, this is another way in which they can acquire social skills, and, most importantly, empathy – a trait that we all somehow lack in this day and age.

5. Encourage their interests

Encourage their interests

Regardless of the age of the child, everyone has different interests that they need to pursue. If they show an interest in a certain sport, encourage it, even though you perhaps dislike the activity. Find the time to enroll your children in after-school activities they want to attend, and watch them become more and more satisfied as time goes by. Bear in mind that they are still small and trying to find their way in the world, so it’s your job to make this as easier as you can.

6. They should feel important

They should feel important

Finally, tell them you’re proud of them in all possible situations. Don’t teach your children to be competitive, but be the kind of a parent who will always support your child, not push them. Applaud at every good try, no matter if they succeed or fail. Once they grow older, your child will remember this, cherish it, and hopefully pass it on to their children. Be the parent they will want to become one day – give them their own voice and choices, and watch them become better and happier human beings.

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