Shocking Documentaries

What are the most shocking documentaries you have ever watched? Let us take a look at some of the shocking documentaries across the globe. Some of the infamous documentaries with their disturbing footage are capable of shocking the viewers.

Interview with a Cannibal (Issei Sagawa)

Issei Sagawa, a Japanese individual, was strolling in one of the parks on the fringes of Paris. He had two suitcases with him. He was caught with the two bags which contained dismembered body parts of his classmate, Renee Hartevelt. For two days he had been eating her body parts. He saved other parts in his refrigerator. He decided to dump her body in a lake and during this act he was arrested by the French police. His wealthy father provided him a lawyer. He was declared unfit for trial and was put in a mental hospital. He was sent to Japan, where he was set free.

Night and Fog

The documentary Night and Fog directed by Alain Resnais is a program of forced abductions. It talks about the concentration camps during the reign of Nazis. It is one of the most vivid accounts of the horrors of Nazi concentration camps. The present footage is shown in color, and the past footage is shown in black and white. It shows one of the disasters of history.

Aokigahara: Suicide Forest

At the base of Mount Fuji is the dense forest of Aokigahara. The thick foliage of the woods has earned her the name of the sea of trees. Visitors can get lost easily over here. Aokigahara has gained the ill reputation of been a suicide spot. Over here, in most cases, suicide is committed by hanging.

Jesus Camp   

This is an American documentary film. This is an evangelical Christian summer camp located in North Dakota. This documentary focuses on three children who are devout Christians. Many viewers felt that the camp resembled a cult and practiced brainwashing.


This is an American documentary, analyzing the bizarre death of an American man, Kenneth Pinyan. The film is about zoophilia; He died of peritonitis, an untimely death after an unusual encounter with a horse.

Atomic Wounds 2006

One of the survivors of the 1945 atomic bombing of Hiroshima, Doctor Hida is still trying to take care of a million of other such wounded survivors. The film talks about the concealing of radiation facts by American administrations. They wanted to develop nuclear power without paying any heed to the health of the public.

High on Crack Street

This is a documentary about the struggle of three individuals gainst cocaine addiction. They depict the dark side of the drug world including pregnancies to prostitution. It is disturbing to see the effect of cocaine on the lives of the addicts.

The Bridge

This is a documentary film made in 2006 by Eric Steel. The film talks about the people who have committed suicide at the breathtaking Golden Gate Bridge. It is the most notorious suicide destination in the world. The film tells about the interaction with the family members of the bereaved. They talk about bouts of depression caused by substance abuse and mental illness.

Child of Rage

This is a television movie made in 1992. The story of the film centers on Beth Thomas who had serious behavioral problems as a result of being abused as a child. This movie was made in British Columbia. This is a chilling documentary expressing Beth’s desire to stab her foster parents. It contains interviews of Beth who displays violent outbursts of rage.

The Act of Killing

This is a documentary film about the Indonesian killings in the years 1965-1966. The story talks about millions of communist execution in Indonesia. This is a horrifying tale.

Titicut Follies

This is an American documentary film. The film revolves around the correctional facility of Massachusetts.  It talks about the bullying practices on the inmates by many of the organization’s members.

Out of the blue

The UFO phenomenon is discussed in this documentary. The film explains that attempts are made by the government of the truth been leaked out to the public, as some UFOs are extraterrestrial.

Fahrenheit 9/11

This is a 2004 documentary film made by the American filmmaker Michael Moore. This movie discusses President George Bush’s policy. This highlighted the Iraq invasion in 2003.

Visual expressions to document reality

Documentaries present the viewers with a brushing of the truth. These forms of filmmaking articulated in a bland narrative are very popular. Documentaries are capable of depicting the unimaginable much better than any other visual medium. Documentary films are visual expressions to document reality. A documentary can end up being more shocking than any horror movie. The topics may include from child abuse to the agony of atom bombs wound. Most of the shocking documentaries have disturbing graphics associated with the topic.

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