Nature is full of surprises, when it comes to wildlife. With so many different types of animals surrounding your locality, it becomes rather difficult for you to catch up with them all. The multiple colors and perfect crafted animals are god’s gift to humankind and need to be preserved for a longer and healthy life. But, there are some animals, which are known as ugliest animal in the world of all time. So, you might have seen or heard about the beautiful ones, but now, it’s time to deal with the ugliest of the lot.

What are the top 10 ugliest animals in the lot?

Well, it’s time for you to dive right into the article and get yourself ready for the top 10 ugliest animals in the world. Beware, as most of them are definitely going to make you cringe!

  1. Blobfish:

Well, the number 1 spot definitely goes to blobfish, and it clearly justified its name. It resides off the Australian coast and driven to deep sea. However, these fishes are not for your consumption, and there are reasons for that, too! Who would want to taste such an ugly creature!

  1. Tarsier:

Member of the primate’s family, tarsier is not just ugly to look at, but scary to be precise. They have this name from the long bones in feet, which make them look a bit odd, to be sure. They are even considered as the smallest of the primate species.

  1. Matamata turtle:

Whenever you see someone with a small wart, you find him to be ugly. If so, then what do you have to say about Matamata turtle? This poor creature has a neck, full of fleshy folds and warts, making it one of the ugliest looking creatures of the sea. The snorkel like nose just adds more to the disgusting chart.

  1. Proboscis monkey:

Monkey is one such creature, available in multiple species, but none as ugly as a Proboscis monkey. And what makes it looks even worse is its long nose, which is used for attracting a male. The same part of their face is used for making some loud honking calls.

  1. Vampire bat:

No, this is not about those bats, which has the power to turn you a vampire, but vampire bats are considered as ugliest animal in the world. It is even feared a lot, residing in Western hemisphere. This creative is known for its huge ears and wrinkled nose, making it more fearful.

  1. Californian condors:

You might have seen vultures, but none is as ugly as a Californian condor. You will hardly find many of them, as this species is on the verge or extinct. But, there are some breeding programs, trying to cope up with their endangered scenario.

  1. Warthog:

If you dislike wart, then warthog is another animal, which you might chalk out from your list. Also defined as a form of pig, it is known for its flat head, large and tough snout well covered in warts. It is ugly and scary, as well.

  1. Hagfish:

Well, the list of ugliest animal in the world is never complete without mentioning the name of hagfish. This fish is designed to produce gallons of snots within a span of few minutes. So, anyone trying to eat it down, will feel its mouth full of snot in no time, choking them instantly. And the grey color of this fish is what makes it look even more disgusting.

  1. Mexican burrowing frog:

Even though in some parts of the world, frog is considered to be a delicacy, but you will hardly find people in love with this slimy little creature. And even if you like other frogs, you can never have the same feeling for Mexican burrowing frog. This animal is known for is beady eyes, stout and splotchy body, which resides in some low lying regions in Mexico, US andCentral America.

  1. Roti Island snake necked turtle:

If you want to mix fear with disgusting look, then you have Roti Island snake necked turtle. This is a perfect mix of snake and turtle, which is rare to come across. Defined as another ugliest animal in the world, it is basically a turtle with a snake like neck. And you will be amazed to know that this creature has a slender neck, as long as its entire body. Weird, isn’t it?

Nature’s creative palette:

Well, even though these animals are not quite in vogue, when it comes to good looks, but these have their own features to work on. You might come across different other ugliest animal in the world, but all of them have some specified characteristics to look on. Nature is full of surprises, and you never know, when you might get the chance to add another name in the list.

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