How to Make a Natural Evergreen Wreath for Your Special Occasions?

Evergreen Wreath

Did you know that a wreath made of natural green leaves is indicative of your Lifestyle? Not many people have the access to cutting off greenery and this is the reason greenery wreaths are sold at pretty pennies in the grocery stores. However, if you have a spruce or pine tree where you can clip some branches off then a wreath can be made by you in no time. It is one frugal, fast and festive crafts. Making the wreath is the favorite activity of many and even if you do not have an old pine tree nearby then you can go to the nearby farm that would love to give away their greenery, completely free of cost. Here is how you would make it.

  • Materials you need

A wreath hung on your door signifies that you have a very eco-friendly Lifestyle and you must be making one in case you have none, to date. Some of the materials you need include different accouterments, ribbon and pine cones. There is fresh greenery that is required where you must have the leaves of magnolia, cedar, holly, spruce and pine. A floral wire needs to be bought especially the one that is green in color because that shall help getting camouflaged. Wreath form must be bought too that is preferably two inches.

  • Making the first bundle and layering

The greenery boughs must be taken together and they have to be bunched at the branch base. Once the bunching is done, they must be placed against wreath form. The floral wire has to be taken for wrapping around both wreath form and bundle until the bundle is completely secure. Make sure that the wire is not clipped after you are done. The second bundle has to be made and layered over the first one. This is done so that fluffy “tail” and the bundle end get covered with first bundle’s wire. A wire has to be grabbed so that second bundle can be wrapped with wreath form staying secured.

  • Finishing wreath

The process of attaching, covering and bundling has to be repeated unless the wreath way is completely covered. Once the last bundle is complete, the base branch or stem must be tucked under the first bundle you made. The wire, after this step, has to be taken and wrapped around wreath form and base. You can have the wire clipped and greenery fluffed that makes the wreath appears full and nice.

  • Decorate and decorate

Get grabbing any kind of decorations you would want to attach. For instance pinecones, ribbons, baubles and flowers can be used. There are a variety of stuff available in the market that shall help you decorate the wreath.

Hang it

After all these steps, the final step entails hanging it on a wreath hanger. There are things that you must always keep in mind especially if you want to keep the wreath green and fresh. Never forget to spray water each day so that the needles do not dry out. Misting is more important if you live in warmer climates. You can use the wreath form for multiple uses later if the one you made dries out.


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