Are you feeling too lonely and thinking how to make more friends? Well, making more friends is not such a daunting task as it may seem to you. You need to get rid of certain wrong assumptions and break certain self-built barriers to make yourself more social. You won’t be able to survive in this world by hiding in your shell, as no one can be entirely self-sufficient. Here are some simple steps following which you can make more friends for yourself.

Shake off the Fear and Meet New People

Let go of the fear that grapples you the moment you think of meeting new people. Get this; in such a world like the present, you will have to meet new people at almost every step. So shake off that fear of how they might think about you.Try to be yourself and always say yes to going to new places. Many of the new people that you meet might turn out to be life-long buddies.

Do Not Be Too Judging With Friends

There is often a wrong notion that friends should necessarily have the same likings and disliking. But friendship does not happen with so much of judgment. It is not at all a practical and rational way to think.So don’t stop talking to somebody all of a sudden if you think him to be different from you. Give a developing friendship the chance to get stronger.

Have a Cheerful Approach

You must remain cheerful always, to ensure that you have more friends. A good mood makes everything easy and conversations are no exception. Conversations are smooth when the other person finds you to be in a super mood. He will enjoy the talk and it may go on for a long time. Also you are more likely to be introduced to other people if your friends find you appealing.

Avoid Filtering What You Say Too Much

When talking to new people you might tend to think too much about what to say and what not.So say more or less whatever you feel. This will give them the impression that you speak your mind and have nothing much to hide. People will tend to trust you more.

Be More Understanding

You will have more friends if you are more understanding. Try to understand the way in which they talk. If you can sense they want to say something urgent, ask them to confide it gently. Don’t make the mistake of misunderstanding their words. It might trigger any bigger problem. People prefer to talk to those people who are matured and smart in handling situations.

Have A helping Approach

Friends are not friends if they don’t help each other as they get along. Friendship and bonding strengthen when you get some help from your friend, and he helps you out in something else. There has to be a show of support from both sides to sustain the friendship. So go ahead and help your friends out in anything that you can.

Be genuine in your Approach too

You may often make the mistake of thinking too much about what they might think of you, what you should say after a certain comment or what will you do next. These are not so important considerations while talking to friends. Things like being warm and respectful in your approach are more important. These are the real qualities that anybody seeks.

You Can Begin with Someone You Know

If you are somebody who doesn’t feel comfortable at meeting new people all of a sudden, try connecting more with people you already know. It may be a friend with whom you have lost touch. Don’t shy away to say hi once. You will find in all probability that he is pleased and wants to meet up soon.Choose to go on trips with friends of a friend. This way you can connect more easily with more people.

Open Up and Explore New Options

This breaking out of the shell does not happen all at once. It does take time if you are a shy and introvert person. But it is not at all impossible.You must make a serious effort to change that part of you which fears to break certain barriers. Open up and increase your visibility. Find ways to interact more with other people.

Be a Happier Person

So these are some golden rule that would make you a more sociable person. You will also find that your all-around behavior has changed. You will be cheerful and active throughout the day. As you make new friends and experience the unseen aspects of life, you will grow with time. So try these tips out and you will be much happier than before.

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