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We have a tendency to take our bodies for granted. If you ever stop to think, you will be amazed to see how your body works.  Your body is doing so many things at the same time. The human body is biological machinery and sometimes can be unpredictable. Its complexity is difficult to fathom even by the most qualified doctors.

Let us discuss some interesting facts about our body.

  • When the knuckles are cracked, they make a cracking sound. It is the sound of bubbles in the joint’s fluid. Cracking a joint frequently can result in hurting the ligaments.
  • Body odor occurs when the bacteria break down the sweat produced by these glands. The multiple bacteria mix with sweat and give rise to stink.
  • There are around ten thousand white blood cells in the human body.
  • All human beings develop a new skeleton once in ten years. The human skeleton gets renewed every ten years.
  • Sometimes the color of the eyes of a person differs. Such eye condition is known as heterochromia.
  • The brain if spread out, would be the size of a pillow. The brain is almost developed by ninety percent in a six-year-old child.
  • All individuals have one strong eye and one weak eye.
  • You cannot choke yourself to death using your hands.
  • Without water, an average human being can survive for two days. However, he can survive without food for twenty days.
  • The women burn fat at a slower pace than men.
  • The only species in the world that produce emotional tears are human beings.
  • Men get more hiccups than women.
  • The corners in the eyes get their oxygen supply from the air directly. That is the part of the body which does not receive any blood supply.
  • Your chances of experiencing nightmares increase if the room in which you are sleeping is very cold.
  • Babies are color blind at birth. They see only black and white during this phase of their lives.
  • On a daily basis, three hundred billion new cells are produced by an adult human being. Every minute in the human body, three hundred million cells die.
  • Almost half of the total bones in the human body are contained in the hands and feet of a person.
  • In every inch of your human skin, there are about thirty-two million harmless bacteria. Some of these bacteria are on the contrary helpful for the human body.
  • The outer skin of the human bodies is shed and regrown once in every twenty-seven days.
  • The jaw bone is the hardest bone in the human body.
  • The human tongue is the strongest muscle in the human body.
  • The heart of a man beats slowly than that of a woman’s heart.
  • Women smell better than men. They remain like that throughout their lives.
  • In the mornings we are taller by one centimeter than in the evenings.
  • The acid secreted in your stomach is sufficient to dissolve zinc. It does not cause any damage to the stomach because the walls of the stomach renew itself continuously.
  • The human hair on an average has a span of three to seven years.
  • If the liver is affected partially due to any injury, then that part can be surgically removed. It has this amazing ability to grow back.
  • People lose half of their taste buds by the time they attain age sixty.
  • Severe sunburn can result in extensive damaging of the blood vessels.
  • After the babies are born, the eyes remain the same size. Your nose and ears never stop growing.
  • If the saliva is not mixed with food particles, then you will not be able to taste the food.
  • The babies have blue color eyes when they are born. The ultraviolet light darkens the melanin in their eyes. Then the baby’s true colors are displayed.
  • If you eat too much, your hearing ability decreases.
  • Each individual has a unique tongue print, unique smell and unique fingerprint.
  • Keratin is a tough protein, and human nails are made of keratin. Keratin is made of dead skin cells.
  • The middle fingernail grows faster than the other nails.
  • The fingernails grow faster than the toe nails. The fingernails grow at least four times faster.
  • The hair that grows fast is the facial hair. It grows faster than any other hair.
  • Persons with higher intelligence quotient have a tendency to dream more.
  • Daily two to six cups of saliva are produced by the salivary glands. A big two liters soda bottle can be filled with this quantity. The saliva produced by each human being during his lifetime is enough to fill up two swimming pools.
  • The brain is more active at night time. Scientists are yet to find out the reason behind this.

Human Body as a Complex Mechanism

So the human body is an incredibly mysterious mechanism. So if you think you know your body perfectly well, you may want to think again. The human body is capable of confusing anybody with the complex processes occurring in every second of the day.


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