Thinking about how to look pretty? Well, it’s not as difficult as you might think. Most of you would always want to look your best wherever you go. Looks might not be the ultimate factor in deciding how you are, but they are significant in forming the first impression. Looking better also makes you feel better and more confident. But, to look pretty, you don’t always have to put on a whole lot of makeup. There are some natural steps which are simple and easy to follow. They can make you look prettier.

Keep Your Smile intact and breathe well

Your teeth and your mouth are keys to giving you a fresh appeal. Keep a certain gap between having your meal and brushing teeth. This checks that your enamel does not wear away too quickly. Be cautious to have a good breath too. A more natural way than mouthwash would be brushing the tongue.

Dress up in the right way

Choose your dresses so that they make you feel more confident about yourself. The clothes you wear must have the ideal fit, to make you feel comfortable. You might like loose fitting clothes or slightly tighter ones too. Also, check that the wardrobe has clothes that are meant for daily usage and make you pretty at the same time.

The Proper hair care

Take care of your hair. Your hair is one of the first things that anyone notices. So it must have its natural shine and softness. Wash your hair on a regular basis with shampoo. The frequency of washing should be appropriate. Change your hair style at intervals. Having a haircut every six weeks is ideal since it retains the hair growth rate.

Warm water with lemon is a healthier way

Opt for a cup of warm water with lemon juice mixed in it. This has many positive health effects. It destroys the toxins in the body and makes the skin less sensitive.There is also a proper level of hydration in the body along with a renewed skin glow. Thus this is a much healthier way to stay pretty.

Take care of the pimples

If you see pimples developing, don’t just ignore them. Pimples should be treated with a skin cream or at least with a good face wash. Treating them improves the skin’s healing ability and keeps its radiance intact. In future, your skin will be more resistant to possible rashes or eruptions. So take care to apply a minimum treatment to the skin.

Face washes can be effective

Choose a suitable face wash and use it regularly. The regular usage has many benefits.The dirty and polluting germs on the skin go off with regular usage of a face wash. Use it once when you start your day and once before you go to bed. This way, the skin pores are open and give the skin a fresh feel.

Exercise and Look better

Exercising regularly maintains an ideal blood circulation. This can be a very good idea to look pretty as the better the blood circulation, the better your skin looks.During exercise, the heart beat is faster, and this sends more blood to the skin.The cells of the skin are thus refined and make your skin look much prettier.

Apply a Sweet Fragrance

Using a good perfume or deodorant can be a good option for enhancing your appeal. There are lots of choices like body sprays, perfumes, fragrant oils or soaps.Remember not to use the fragrance too much as that overwhelms the people.Spritz the perfume or deodorant at places such as your wrist, neck and your elbows.

Sunscreens are a must

Using a sunscreen is something that most of us skip in a hurry or thinking there is not much need for it.Most you might tend to go without sunscreens. This means unprotected exposure to the sun for many hours. Regularly using a sunscreen keeps your skin rejuvenated and beautiful. With daily usage, excessive tanning is no longer the problem.

Use a slight makeup and see the magic

Experiment with make-up by leaving behind your heavy make-up habits. Try some minor make-up which would make you look naturally beautiful.Try using an eye-liner. This is a very good way of giving a natural look. A shade that is near to your skin color will be the ideal choice.Use a transparent lip gloss on your looks.

Look pretty by these Simpler Ways

So go ahead with these nice and simple tricks to beautify yourself. You won’t require loads of makeup and beauty treatments, as is the wrong notion. Adopt ways which will give you the looks as well as the right health. If you are healthy from within, you will never fail to look lovely.

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