Few Handy Tricks and Tips to Wash Your Car Perfectly

Wash Your Car Perfectly

Are you planning to clean your car today? Take a quick look at a few points that will ease your work. Follow a few simple guidelines to minimize your effort and maximize the output.

  • Prepare a checklist– The first step is to know the articles you need for the car wash. A good shampoo for washing, proper water system, a nozzle- attached hosepipe, dryers, prewash materials, microfiber towel, brushes and two microfiber cloth pieces.
  • Ideal time for the car wash– Decide logically when do you want to clean the car. It is baseless to trying cleaning during the monsoon as continuous spells of rain naturally clean the dirt off. Winter is not also a good option as the snowy roads will leave worse scratch marks on the wet paint. So springtime will be perfect to clean the accumulated dirt and salt.
  • Why use microfiber materials– The material is the ideal choice due to its natural versatility and effectiveness in dry or wet seasons. They are also highly durable if properly kept. These microfiber towels are a blend of polyamide and polyester. They are denser than ordinary towels thus having high absorbency.
  • Spray water accurately: The pressure of the water is a crucial factor to rinse out dirt from all parts and corners. For the wheels, where the most dirt and mud accumulate, use hose pipes. Blast water especially in the area between the external layer of the wheel and that of the car. But for the body wash, reduce the water pressure to create a mist of water spray.
  • Carefully dry the body: After cleaning the car body, be extra careful in wiping the water. If you try to absorb with a sponge, there is a high chance of leaving water marks all over the pain that looks awful. Use the microfiber textile instead to dry the water and keep the paint spotless.
  • Proceed stepwise: Prewash the car with a hose to remove the loosely bound dust. Use the shampoo to scrub and clean from top to bottom gently. Intermittent rinsing helps to remove the scraped out filth and prevents it from settling back. And then wash the wheels.
  • Choice of car shampoo: The material used for washing is equally essential. Many products are specially designed to remove stubborn stains and impart a brilliant shiny look. Just take care of the fact that the liquid should be pH- neutral. Acidic nature of fluid will corrode the paint.
  • Necessity of two buckets: It’s better to use two separate buckets full of water – one with shampoo mixed in it. This measure keeps the liquids clean and away from mixing. So it leaves no mark when you rinse off using the dintless water.

Do not forget these tips to have a successful cleaning session of your car the next time.

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