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How To Get Skinny Arms By Reducing Stubborn Fat Easily

Skinny Arms

Are that extra flabby love handles a terrible sight for you? Have often been weighed down by the weight of those heavy arms and have been dying to know how to get skinny arms? Fear not as there are exercises with which you can quickly reduce the stubborn fat from your arms. Follow these simple exercises to transform those bulging sacs into ripped slender arms.

Sliding arms

Arm slides activate your arms. With your hands on two sliders kneel down placing a mat beneath your knees then engage the core by bringing your paunch towards your backbone. Keep stiffening the abs, and keeping your spine straight, engage your core. Then pull arms back toward the knees and resume to your original position without bending the elbows.

Ball slammingBall slamming

Ball slams are full-body movements that fatigue the arms. For this plyometric movement, you need a medicine ball to be lifted up slightly beyond your head and stand feet apart bending your knees and throwing the ball. Then catching it and bringing it back above your head while keeping the spine straight and using your knees to raise you back.

Dumbbell bench press Dumbbell bench press

You need a bench and two dumbbells. Lying on the bench with the back flat and feet on the ground firmly and keeping your spine in an unaligned position, the shoulder blades have to be pushed away from your ears but moderately together. Then raising the dumbbells up, keep them lowered to your chest with arms tight.

Bicep CurlingBicep Curling with hands

You need a resistance band. Rest the band beneath your foot and step on it, and with your arms on the side keep pulling the band’s ends with the face of the palm forward. Then with elbows tightened against the ribs keep bending the arms slowly to bring shoulders to your hands and lower the hands down to the sides.

Barbell rows and narrow push-ups

You need low gymnastic rings and TRX straps. Attaching the straps to a door or a handle keep hanging and pull yourself like doing an air push-up maintaining a 45-degree angle. You can also engage in narrow push-ups where the core has to be engaged in a plank position.

 toning your armsBattle it out and take away

Battling it out with the battle ropes increases the cardio-vascular strength and burn fat instantly thus toning your arms. They increase the heart rate and make you sweat profusely. Keep making long waves and short waves with these. You are now well versed with all techniques to get rid of flabby love handles so go ahead and build those toned and taut muscles.



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