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Gamification of elearning courses have become a new trend nowadays. Articulate storyline Training software is setting a great example. Turning a course into a game will not be a daunting task with the help of this software. There are a lot of game templates available in the program for you to check and use. There are lots of examples available too for you to view, play and understand.

Given below are some examples that were created on Articulate Storyline Training software:

#1. New Teacher Orientation

 This game was originally created by Donielle Bell and like the name goes, it is the orientation of a new teacher at school where you need to guide Miss Bell and help her understand the basic school policy.

  • This game utilizes explore and learn policy. There are different areas in the school where the user needs to answer the questions with Miss Bell and win all the levels to reach at the Master Teacher level.
  • This game is really simple but the triggers inside are realistic and this is a game that can be used all across the industries for training and orientation of the new employees.
  •  This way you will be able to teach the policies and regulations of the organization to the new employees with the help of storyline Training software. In case of any problem the students can directly contact the customer support cell, and also take help of the built-in screen recording advantage which ultimately helps to curtail the overall educational cost.

#2. Celebrity Feud

 Family feud is a popular game show on television and this game has been created on same lines by Nicholette Inman with the help of Articulate Storyline Training software. This game is easy to play where you need to answer questions on celebrities and trivia.

  • A right answer provides points, but wrong answer gives you strike. This game uses similar parts like the television show for example visuals and audio from the show itself.
  • The audience response on a correct answer really gives you a kick.
  • You can actually do it if you incorporate these trivia questions at the end, beginning or in between to make the course even more interesting. Users will love the idea of getting information in this way.

#3.  Spy Games

 Do you love spy movies and have always secretly wanted to be a spy? Then you really would want to play this game. All thanks to Jay Yearley’s ‘Spy Games’ created on Storyline Training software you would love this game. It is simple to play the game where the user is treated like a spy and offered instructions similarly. You have to navigate through the game just like a spy. The combinations used in this game beat the old age directions that you would usually give in your course. This is rapid e-learning software that makes it simple for learners and companies to convert simple PowerPoint presentations to course materials for e-learning.

#4.  Food Safety Hazards

 The food industry has to deal with so many regulations and compliances like FDA. It will be a boon if we can create a gamified course to recognize the food safety hazards. This game uses the search methods and is easy to understand. The user will be in a kitchen and have to look for dangers and fix them accordingly.

The storyline development software is one of the most dynamic processes by which companies are growing manifold and also enabling employees to have fun along with doing the official tasks. Mobile learning and learning technology, along with the idea of global expansion in the e-learning market have enabled individuals to go for new and branded varieties of this software.

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