Many fitness organizations have come forward like SEALFIT has helped those that are willing to push themselves to max. There is no one a stranger to extreme circumstances and stress also there are practices that have made people rise above the others reliably and quickly so that one becomes focused and centered. According to the experts it is all about breathing because that is the key for being calm and focused. There is a particular practice that generates relaxation deep within the body however the mind stays alert. It is known as box breathing. Feeling anxious? Here are a few trips that could work in your favor.

Effect that is neutrally energetic

As per neuroscience, the state of the being as described by experts is valuable extremely. This is because it involves a combination of both relaxation and alertness. The process of box breathing has one effect that is neutrally energetic. This method is not going to put anyone in a mode that is sleepy relaxed or suddenly charges up. However, as mentioned right before, this is going to make any one feel action ready, grounded and alert.

The technique of doing it

All the air from the chest has to be expelled, which means that lungs have to be emptied for long four counts. The air has to be inhaled through nose for long four counts. Then, the air has to be held in lungs for long four counts. Experts add that when breath is being held, one should never clamp down and the back pressure has to be created. It is all about maintaining an open feeling that is expansive even when one is not inhaling. On four counts, the air has to be exhaled smoothly through the nose. Even if this is “just one rep”, it is recommended that the practice is done for a minimum of five minutes for experiencing benefits.

Doing it throughout the day

One does not have to wait for any perfect circumstance for practicing this breathing exercise because there are various intervals of the day, when this can be done. The breathing can be practiced during the morning hours, while you are standing in a queue, before workouts, whenever stuck in traffic or whenever else you are able to. It is sometimes recommended that one can do significant training with this exercise for twenty to ten minutes and then carry it on with spot drills throughout the day.

Have a calmed body and mind

Even if you have to get through challenging workouts or difficult conversations with partner, in all these circumstances, you are bound to feel focused and alert. Practice it for as much as five minutes each day so that you have a mind that is focused, alert and deeply calm. Remember to breathe out and breathe in.

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