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The Concept of Aging Has Been Reshaped By an 80 Year Model In China


The retirement age of China is quite early. The women are supposed to retire at the age of 55 if they are from the worker class. The Civil Servants stop working at 55. The men retire from all types of jobs at 60. After retirement, the concept of life in China is very dull with no major thing in life left to do. They become the grandfathers and grandmothers only to relax and spend time with their grandchildren. They have nothing much in life to look forward to. Due to lesser involvement and stagnation, they tend to age even faster and also catch all sorts of diseases.

Age of the Mind can be Controlled

This concept of aging has been strongly challenged by Wang Deshun, who has turned 80 the last autumn. He has a strong body and is not at all frail in comparison to other people of his age. He is full of vigor and raring to go. He believes that it is the body which ages due to the passage of time and as per the rule of nature. One has the mind under one’s own control and not the body. You can stay young at heart only if you have the attitude. If you start thinking that you have grown old, you are gone. You will surely become old.

He Maintains his Fitness Like a Youth

Wang has remained physically fit right from his youth. He was always athletic and has been involved in physical activities. He has never gone for luxury and comfort that makes a person lazy and lose physical fitness. Through his own initiative, he has been successful in arresting the aging process. He still swims and exercises in the gym every day. He is not too choosy about the food and takes whatever he feels like in a regulated manner. It is the disciplined lifestyle that has paid him back. He has been an actor and a musician in his younger days. He still pursues modeling as one of the hobbies. With an upright physique, you cannot feel that he is 80.

Wang Deshun has Immense Popularity

The indomitable attitude of Wang has made him immensely popular. There are hordes of admirers who are his fans. People are now inspired by the confidence and the attitude of Wang. He always is trying to something new which he has never attempted in life. This is the driving force that keeps him going.

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