Vegetarian Diet

Are you a vegan and have been wondering as to what could be the best vegetarian diet for you? There are tons of options to look forward to when you go meatless. Nutritionally it is a tricky trade because you have to prepare a chart of the foods that shall provide you with the adequate nutrients. To help you fill in the voids of any mineral deficiency created there are a few power foods that shall help you replenish all that you have lost. Here is the list that shall help you gain energy while going green.


These are a part of the legume family and just like the beans are an excellent source of soluble fiber and protein. They tend to have an upper edge over all the beans though. They have twice the amount of iron, folate, and vitamins. It is beneficial for women who reach the childbearing age as the presence of folate helps to reduce congenital defects. The lentils improve your gut health more than any other food item.


All the types of nuts are a nifty source of palpable and quick protein. The nuts like the almonds, walnuts, pecans, peanuts and all the like are a rich source of omega-3 acids and Vitamin E., In fact, some of the recent studies and journals even claim that they never let gain weight and instead help in shedding those stubborn adipose tissues. It is also great for your skin and hair.


It is also called the bean curd and is made by coagulating soybean milk. It is a terrific source of everything starting from the proteins to the minerals. They have cholesterol-lowering properties and help in gaining calcium that is lost inside the body. Substitutes of the soybean also include the soya milk that is fortified with vitamin D and plenty of calcium.


Not many are aware of the many benefits of seaweed. It is the greatest source of phytochemicals and iron. Seaweeds like dulse, alaria, kelp, agar, spirulina, and nori are excellent sources of magnesium, iodine, calcium, and chromium. They are the best superfoods if you can lay your hands on them as they also comprise all the vitamins.

The vegan warrior

After having read down all the power foods available you can unabashedly continue with your vegetarian foods. Foods like lentils and tofu are powerhouses of protein and minerals. They have countless benefits, and you certainly do not have to resort to meat eating with these by your side. Nuts and beans are a storehouse of different vitamins and nutrients. Going green not only enhances your life expectancy but is also a short bit on your part to save the animals. Therefore this year let green be your health code.


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