Like a girl? Want her number? How to ask for a girl’s number? Arranging the number of the girl whom you like can be easy, but at the same time, it can be a daunting task. Always attempt yourself to get the number instead of involving your friends or other channels for the purpose. Be confident in your conversation and approach and get the number.

Different ways to get the girl’s number

It is not a complicated process to get a girl’s number. How to ask for a girl’s number can be a daring activity if you do not follow the right procedure. Follow the steps and get the number.

Be confident and be yourself

Girls like confident guys. Do not try to show off and impress her. It might leave a negative impression on her. Approach her in the most confident way and get into a conversation with her. Try to convey your intentions in the most positive way. At the peak time of the conversation, ask for the number.

Use useful tricks

If it is long enough that you are talking to her, try to end up by convincing her that you had a great time talking to her. Add further that you would like to continue this very good time by talking to her over the phone and even staying in touch through messages. Different new apps have confined the world on the phone so that you can make use of it.

Give your number to the girl

If you find a girl whom you like, you take the initiative by giving her your number. If that girl likes you too, she will give you her number or else she will not entertain your number as well. This process is the best way to break the ice between the two. It will be positive, and you will get the number or never get to see her face ever again.

Gift her roses

You should make a cute approach. Give her a bunch of roses and also attach a card, which has something good about her. Also, add to get her phone number on the card. If the girl likes you or if you can impress her you might be lucky to get her number at one go.

Get into a good friendship

Do not hurry to get a girl’s number. You might not get success at all. Talk to her and get into a relationship of good friendship with her. Once you share a good relationship with her and she starts trusting you, she will share her number with you. You need to be genuine in your relationship with her. Do not try and cheat.

Make her like you

The best way to get a girl’s number is to make her like you. If you are successful in charming and impressing her, you should take the steps ahead to make her like you to the extent that she exchanges her number with you. She should have enough trust in you to give you her number. Girls love guys who respect them and understand them.

A few things to keep in mind

Never try to be too early in your approach to ask for the number that may spoil everything. Never involve any third person to get you the number as that can have disastrous results. Be very careful in your approach, do not try to impress her by wrong means. That might not be useful rather you might just land up losing even your friendship with her. Be confident and genuine in your approach. Body language speaks a lot, so always keep it strong.

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