Apple had a Patented Technology of Locking Mobiles of People While Driving

Locking Mobiles

It has been noticed in many cases that people use their mobile phones while driving. This increases the chances of accidents and many such incidents have happened in the recent past and many still happening. Only the stoppage of using mobiles can be successful in preventing accidents happen while driving. It has been seen that most of the accidents occur due to texting activities while driving. The attention of the person is diverted and the high risk condition gets generated. For safe driving, one needs to have full focus on the road conditions. Under no circumstances, can a person move his eyes of the road.

Phones to have in-built Sensors

After a massive accident occurred in Texas, USD due to the driver becoming diverted, Apple started working on a new technology that can help in locking out the phone operations. The patent for this was applied for by Apple in 2008 and was given in 2014. The phone would have certain sensors that would track the condition of the phone. If it was found to be on the move, it would automatically be locked. Even is a person wants, he would not be able to use the phone while driving. This technology can bring about a considerable reduction in the figures of road accidents that are a cause of indiscriminate mobile phone usage while on the move.

The Technology also has its Cons

But Apple has not yet introduced this feature on the phones that they manufacture. Similarly other phone manufacturers have also not used this on their phones even though they are quite aware about the prevalence of this technology. There are certain associated drawbacks which have not yet made the technology viable. This may help people who have committed accidents to escape without being made guilty for the same. This technology also has the problem of identifying separately regarding a person driving a car and another who is moving on public transport. The sensors can shut down these computers also.

Awareness to Play a Vital Role

What is the need of the hours is more widespread awareness of the devastating effects that a mobile phone can have during the period of driving. The younger generation has to be made aware of the chances of accidents that are created through the usage of phones while on drive mode. The awareness sessions should go on and enforcement by law is a must. The technology needs to be further available to make the lives of people safer while driving a car.


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