Amazon’s ‘Pay to Quit’ Policy Gives its Employees $5000 on Quitting Their Amazon Jobs!

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Amazon is one of the biggest online retail companies in the e-commerce sector and has changed the ballgame for selling products online since years now. Everything you need, you can buy it on Amazon! For any professional in the field of IT, digital marketing, advertising, graphic designing or copywriting, working for Amazon is like a dream come true. Not just that, the incredible salary and perks are something that every professional seeks for in life. Ever wondered how Amazon handles such a large base of employees all over the world? How does it manage to keep all its employees motivated and work unitedly?

Amazon basically has a program which is called ‘Pay to Quit’. This was originally started by Zappos which is an e-retailer for shoes and clothes. Amazon acquired this idea in 2009 and it was then introduced by JezzBezoz in 2014 into Amazon. In this program, the employees get an offer starting at $2000 for quitting after completing one year; it increases by $1000 every year to a maximum amount of $5000 which an employee can take when quitting.

This is roughly 3 lakh Indian rupees which is an insane amount just to quit! The only catch to this program is that employees who accept this offer and take the money to quit can never work at Amazon again. That’s quite a big risk, isn’t it? Amazon is one of the leading e-commerce companies in the world and working for a long time will definitely give you a better pay plus better experience and job hikes!

Amazon encourages its employees to refrain from taking this offer and has a headline on the offer that says, ‘Please Don’t Take This Offer’. That could be very confusing; why would a company like Amazon put this offer out and then very conveniently discourage its employees from taking this offer up? Here’s the deal. Amazon basically wants its employees to take a moment and reconsider everything that they want in life. To ensure they make the right decision for their future and the long run. Amazon has a very good thought process behind the company and the teams strongly feel that if a person isn’t happy where they are currently working, they should simply quit and move to a job environment that best suits them. With such an excellent on hand, the employees are motivated to stay longer with the company.

Another reason to have such a tempting offer is to double check the company’s employees’ motivation levels and if they really are committed to working for Amazon and bringing in the big bucks. The research internally in Amazon shows that employees who have turned down this offer actually deliver better at work, have an excellent overall performance and are highly motivated to work for Amazon. Basically, with this offer, Amazon cuts back on the low motivated and lazy employees who want a quick fix in their lives and retains only the hardworking, motivated and extremely passionate employees working for their organization!

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