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Providing alternative accommodations has become a good source of income for a lot of people. Turning your home into an Airbnb has proven to be a fantastic and “lazy” way to make more money.

Signing up your lovely home as a place to stay for travellers is easy, especially if you do not mind moving to a smaller place for yourself or rooming with your friends every now and then.

All you really have to do is to work out a schedule for opening your place to temporary tenants and to make your house or apartment an attractive accommodation option for tourists or anybody who is visiting your area for a short period of time.

If you are interested in this income-generating idea, here are the best tips on how to “suit up” your home as an Airbnb provision.

1.   Tackle repairs

You need to make sure that all the functional implements of your home are actually working. Have the lights, plumbing, and appliances – basically, everything checked to ensure the complete convenience of your guests.

If there are certain home components that are not working well, have them repaired as well. Airbnb clients typically choose homes based on size, design, and ratings. The best way to get good ratings for your home is to offer a completely positive experience to your guests by having a beautiful and thoroughly functional dwelling place.

2.   Get rid of personal items

While on the program, it is best to put away most of your personal items such as framed diplomas, pictures with friends, family heirlooms, and others. This is a must, particularly if you want to keep your privacy even as you house temporary tenants in your home.

The smart place for storing all your prized and personal possessions is a local storage facility. There are different sizes of storage units that you can choose from to fit all the items that you need to remove so guests can feel more at home when they’re staying at your place.

3.   Free your home of excesses

Maintain only the bare essentials – a single set of cookware, the right number of plates, glasses, and other dinnerware for the guests, the standard toiletries, and bedding. Your home will be easier to organise so it would look pretty if you rid it of unnecessary multiples, clutter, and other types of excesses.

All of those can go into storage as well.

4.   Make your house cosy

Decorate judiciously. Inject a lot of “hygge” (the Danish and Norwegian term for cosiness and comfort, contentment and wellness) into the design and décor of your house. Have some scented candles out, make sure the windows are clean for optimum natural illumination, and decorate with a few indoor plants.

Also, consider staging a scene. Set out a chess set or another board game. Drape a thick yet soft blanket on the couch to encourage night cuddles. Use fluffy pillows to make bedtime inviting. Create a charming bathroom setup. Set the table (even if your guests will likely head to the restaurant down the street).

The idea here is to add those little details that would make your guests sigh with absolute contentment.

5.   Print out informative cards

This is a must when you have strangers staying at your property. Cards with printed instructions on how to use home appliances can help with the maintenance of your home as an Airbnb provision.

Likewise, print out a copy of important contact information such as your mobile number, the cleaning lady’s, restaurant delivery services, and even emergency numbers (people from other countries may not be familiar with the typical 3-digit emergency hotline).

6.   Make sure your Wi-Fi is working.

Most folks cannot live without Wi-Fi and would greatly appreciate it if the Airbnb they’re staying at will allow them to go online easily. Provide information on how to connect to your private Wi-Fi connection by creating a reference card for it as well.

Remember, turning your home into a profitable Airbnb provision is all about creating a positive experience for your guests in your home. So, exert all the necessary efforts to prep your place and ensure their convenience and satisfaction.

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