Travel Myths That Need To Be Busted

Travelling brings with itself, a unique and beautiful world of its own. For some, it is a simple affair that brings peace and pleasure, but for the real enthusiasts, it is a hobby that often becomes an addiction which they surely want to pursue. Solo travel is something that looks very appealing, but along with its attractive pull, there exist some myths which end up binding many from undertaking these amazing travel experiences.

Following is a list of the top 5 solo travel myths which need to be overlooked and busted-

  • Solo travel is boring and lacks real fun: It is a common belief among the masses that solo travel lacks the energy and enjoyment that one should expect from a trip. But who said that every belief that we have is essentially a fact, a few of them can be myths as well. Solo travel brings with itself a chance to enjoy with oneself, meet travelers and make new friends. It gives you the freedom to enjoy just the way you want to and also get to know your destination’s culture better.
  • Such trips are meant only for singles: One of the most common myths that annoy travel enthusiasts is that solo travel is meant only for single people. Yes, that may be true but only partly. People in relationships can also fully enjoy solo travel. In fact, solo travel keeps the independent and strong sense of identity inside a person alive which are two vital components of a long-lasting relationship.
  • It will end up making you feel lost and lonely: Another false belief is that a person who chooses to go for solo travel ends up feeling awkward and lonely without any idea of what exactly has to be done. Well, as already mentioned it is not true. Solo travel is a relief. One can do whatever and whenever he or she wants to do something on the trip. Plus there is a thing to be kept in mind that man is a social animal and interacting with new people at a travel destination should not be considered a bad idea at all.
  • Solo travel is dangerous and only for brave hearts: This is a common perception that solo travel is plain unsafe and dangerous. Women traveller especially are not found fit for such trips by the masses. But again that does not hold true. One does not need to be super brave but actually should take precautions and be wise and careful. After all the more you feel scared, the more fear scares you.
  • It will leave you clueless: Another common notion is that you will not know what to do and ultimately it will lead to disappointments or regrets concerning the travel. But well before believing in this myth, won’t it be fair to look at the opportunities that a solo travel brings. Being able to move around freely at the time and place of one’s choice while enjoying all those parts that you want to cannot lead to a feeling of disappointment.

Break the taboos and overlook these myths. If you have the zeal to go and travel alone for a trip, just know that it is an idea, the outcome of which, depends on your perception. Be bold and just go for it!

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