As per the data collected by NHS Digital, the young women are the worst sufferers of mental health. They are suffering the most from depression related problems. Anxiety is also another attribute to this problem. It is seen that a woman in every five women had some mental issues. In contrast, the figures for men are one in every 8 men who are suffering from psychological problems. The young women are more prone to creating self-harm. The stress effect of a severe trauma is seen to last longer for women. The state has not improved much over the years.

Study Reports on Mental Health

As per the survey that was carried out in 2014, the following data was revealed.

  • Women in the age group of 16 to 24 were seen to be reporting greater symptoms related to depression along with immense anxiety. The figure for women was 26% and that of men were 9%.
  • The stress levels after severe trauma were seen to be 12.6% in women of the same age category as against 3.6% for men.
  • The CMD rates for the women have gone up but have remained stable for men.
  • 10% women have reported severe symptoms as against 6% for men.

The Experts View

As per the opinion of the experts, the young folk are always under mental pressure once they reach the age of earning. These days, the economy is uncertain. There is no job security. A person can lose her job any moment which may lead to debt and uncertainty. This affects the mental peace of a person. She always remains mentally disturbed. The pressure is there from the family, society and the self. There is always an attempt to prove oneself in the years of trouble. The mental and psychological isolation will lead to mental disorder among the young women.

There has been an escalation in the trend of creating self-harm among the persons. The ruthlessness has increased among the women. This has also led to higher suicidal rates. The rates of suicides have tripled in the last decade. Adding to frustrations are inputs from the social media.  People try to advertise on their Facebook regarding how happily they are with their friends and families creating depression among others.  This is the ill effect of social media. Social insecurity and flaunting of materialistic life are the cause of frustrations to persons who cannot afford them.

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