The metros or underground trains as you may call them have been the most convenient, reliable and cheap form of transport both in circular, single Glasgow line to network that is quite cobweb-like in London. One can skip driving instead make the most of these metro systems because they are indeed a blessed relief. While most metros are reasonably safe and are also fairly nice yet there are a few out of them that deserve a mention. In fact many have even received awards. In the list down below they are the ones mentioned whereby one should be totally missing the streets, sidewalks and also skip buses jus to avail trips on them. Here they are.

  • The one in Hong Kong

You shall find almost every traveler praising and gushing over the Hong Kong metros because whoever has set their toes inside this convenient, regular, well-signposted and immaculately clean system, has loved it. It is connects all city’s corners that start from Tai Po villages to Wan Chai’s crowded bowels. Apart from takeaway outlets for food, Braille plates for blind and public washrooms for disables, you are going to find tactile flooring. Trains turn every minute and ticket purchasing is also a cakewalk.

  • Singapore

After several providers of transit service amalgamated the SMRT has only grown and there has been an increase in the passengers as well whereby there are more than five hundred million passengers travelling. SMRT is being considered as one of the fastest ways of exploring the city in Singapore.

  • Seoul

Three completely different countries operate the metro systems. There are nine lines over which more than six million passengers are carried. It is one of the only systems of Metro whereby you get service of cell phones as well as Wi-Fi. Subway trains in Seoul come outfitted with climate controlled televisions.

  • London

London tube is the world’s first metro underground. It was opened in the year 1863 and till date there have has many advancements. It accounts for about a billion journeys each years and is presents for a very cheap way of commuting in an expensive city. Thus you can reach wherever you need to.

  • Paris metro

Parisians do not like to walk apparently and thus the metros are dense unusually with almost two hundred forty five stations to cover. It is the busiest metro service in the world however the doors do not open automatically.

  • City of New York

Subway system that never sleeps is the one of New York. The city’s subway lines double up so that both express and local trains can simultaneously run. Best part about this is that even when there is some sort of work going on a track, only one track gets decommissioned, leaving a service that may be reduced but still open.

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