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Why You Should Take a Sabbatical: Ultimate Guide to Extended Vacations

Why You Should Take a Sabbatical

People will always need some time away from their daily routine and lifestyle which is why vacations are always popular. However, some people need more than just some time off. They need a sabbatical, otherwise known as an extended break.

In the past, sabbaticals applied to school teachers, who took long breaks to further their other pursuits in life. However, sabbaticals have grown to be popular in commercial businesses as well. Another form of extended vacation is when students decide to take a gap year before entering the workforce or pursuing a college degree.

If you’re thinking of taking a sabbatical, read further to learn more.

Benefits of a Sabbatical

There are several advantages to taking a sabbatical. It’s not like a regular vacation when people de-stress and relax. Taking a long break can be quite rejuvenating to many in a whole different way.

1. Health benefits

Typically, people leave their stress, anxiety, and fears at home when they go on a vacation. The same can be said for people on a sabbatical. However, people don’t come home the same way. After a vacation, the stress, anxiety, and fear come back, and people pick up right where they left off.

On the other hand, during a sabbatical people often get to reflect on their daily lives and the causes to their unhappiness, discontent, and doubts. The extended vacation gives them the time they need to think about their problems, deal with them, and figure out ways to change for the better. As such, people come home from a sabbatical with a clearer mind and in a better overall state of being.

2. Work advantages

Some companies have sabbatical programs whereby their employees are given the time to learn new skills. Whether it’s supported by the company you work for or it’s your idea to take a long break, it’s always good to learn something that will support growth in your career.

3. Life achievements

Sabbaticals are not all about health and work. They are a good time to accomplish some personal goals or knock a couple things out of your bucket list, which is why going abroad for an extended leave is popular. Maybe you want to see the Eiffel Tower or dip your toes in the pinkish sands of an island in Seychelles.

Planning a Sabbatical

Sabbaticals can be crazy and fun, but it’s always best to have a plan. Follow the steps below while you’re planning the perfect extended vacation abroad.

1. Check your finances

Like with any vacation, check your finances before deciding on taking a long break. Make sure you have the means to survive abroad, especially if you are planning on taking an extended leave from work, or have no other way to support yourself financially while away.

2. Inform your employer

If you’ve decided to take a sabbatical on your own, then it’s best to inform your employer. In some cases, companies approve extended leave and even allow you to come back as a regular employee in your old position once you return.

There are some companies that send their employees off on a sabbatical. As mentioned before, some commercial businesses have developed sabbatical programs employees are encouraged to take.

Sometimes companies will continue to dispense a salary to an employee on an official extended leave. In these cases, the company fully expects to be compensated with better work from the employee because they’ve invested the time and money to improve that person’s skill.

3. Make the necessary arrangements for your house and belongings

If your finances are in good order and you’ve already talked to your employer, then it’s time to make some necessary house arrangements. Researching international mover and storage options are a must when you’re taking a sabbatical abroad.

You will also need to find someone to take care of your house, bills, pets, etc., while you’re away.

4. Set a goal

Once your plane ticket is booked, and your bags are packed, set a goal for yourself during the sabbatical. Remember these extended breaks can be a time for personal and/or professional growth.

Enjoy the Sabbatical
The last step in all of this is just to enjoy your sabbatical. Embrace the unfamiliar surroundings and discover new things. Use the time wisely to reflect, improve, and work on your health and well being.

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