The standard of education in Singapore is the best in the world. The children of the country ranked first in the international IQ tests. It is a highly notable and commendable achievement for the state, but the competition for scores and grades are leading to a lot of stress on the students and parents.

The key to success

The parents frequently enroll their kids in enrichment classes. The belief that high test scores equal future achievement leads them to do this. However, research shows that standardized tests can’t indicate the level of intelligence, let alone future success. As a result, the schools of Singapore started looking for ways to get better. The Education Minister of Singapore wants to uplift schools to the next phase in education where grades and exam scores will no longer remain relevant.

The trick

The minister of education approached the leaders of hundreds of schools. In the address, the governing individual contemplates and acknowledges the pride which each student feels about achieving the first three positions in a class. The minister still wants to abolish scores and grades to make the students understand that education isn’t a mode of competition, but a way to bring in self-discipline which is necessary to lead a good life.

The particulars

According to the new laws of education, there will be no more standardized examinations, maximum and minimum marks, pass/fail, subject grades, and class levels. Soon, the students of the primary first and second level won’t be taking exams. Teachers will continue tracking the progress of the children by organizing class discussions, quizzes, worksheets, and homework. The older primary and secondary pupils will receive modified grades, and parents will track their children’s progress on parent-teacher meeting sessions.

Singapore education
Singapore Classroom

Other nations are doing it

Yes, there are a few other countries in the world where standardized testing is no longer active. Several other governments are also debating and considering about following this route. The schools of Singapore are the leaders of the motion here. These changes in education will allow students and teachers to focus more on learning than on preparations for tests.

The friendly challenge

The education minister of Singapore challenged other nations in a friendly way to try and introduce exam-free learning in their education system. It is mandatory for all the countries in the world to consider facing this challenge seriously because it will eliminate the pangs of memorization, drilling, rote learning, and facing high-stakes examinations. After all, these are what prevent children from falling in love with education.

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