Want to know how to wear high heels without pain? Well, high heels can be managed after all. Most women have a fetish for these heels although they fear to wear try them out for the pain. But some techniques do exist that ensure you have minimum discomfort. If you wish to buy a pair of high heels, go ahead and wear them in the way advised below.

Know the type of feet you have

You must be well aware of your foot type. This makes it easier to choose the fitting high-heel shoe. Feet may have a flattening shape, or they may be shaped like a high arch. Different types of high heels go with each of them.

Think Beyond stilettoes

Many women are in love with stilettoes. It may seem to be the only choice for some dresses. But try to exercise control on that desire. You can choose high heels, but choose ones with a flatter portion on top. They would look no less pretty on your feet. So think beyond stilettoes and see the magic work.

Have the right Size of Shoes

Finding the ideal size of shoes can often be difficult, with so many varying feet structures. So you might end up with a wrongly fitting shoe.Misfits can result in your feet turning sore. Fearsome aches may follow after that.Get your feet size measured once in a year. Also, don’t ignore to measure your feet while buying a heel.

Thicker heels are trendy too

You can try shoes with thicker heels too. These look equally fashionable. You just need to find the right shop. They look very good when paired up with other dresses too.Thicker heels make sure your feet don’t wobble more often.It is a wrong impression that thicker heels don’t go well with one-piece dresses. They look much pretty.

Try Out Some Exercise

Wearing these high heels for too long can be tiring for the feet. The pain can result from that fatigue. So you can try out some simple and soothing exercise for your feet.Firstly, stretch your front foot along with the ankle. Then point the toes down and then pull them back with a strap. Try turning your feet from one side to the other too.

Make use of the Silicone Gel Shoe Inserts

Another great way of zeroing the possibility of pain right before it starts, it to buy some shoe inserts. These are pads having an oval shape and made from silicone gel.Place the inserts in such a way that they are below feet balls after you wear them.These pads curtail the possibility of sore feet.

Change the Way you walk

A high heel can be comfortable once you change your walking style a bit.Walk in such a way, that you let your thighs lead instead of your feet. That makes your entire leg move forward.It results in less stress on the feet balls and hence lesser pain. Also, while you move your legs, keep them straight. That looks better as well. 

The Right Position and an Adjustment

Take a careful look at the shoe while you buy it. Also, if that requirement is there, buy it and make a small change.Chose a shoe where the heel is right in the middle of the heel of your foot, not at the back. By making a small slit or groove by scissors at the shoe bottom, you can prevent slipping over whenever you tend to wobble.

Choose Strappy and Platform Heels

Strappy platforms are no less charming than stilettoes. They match with any dress if you have the right color. Wearing these will make your legs look pretty, and they will be safer too.Heels seem to offer more comfort when they come with extra straps. It gives you support and protects your legs from dislocating.

Get yourself a nice high heel

So, don’t sacrifice your wish of wearing high heels for the fear of bearing pain. Go ahead and get yourself a nice high heel. Following these tips will ensure you have a much better experience with high heels. So wear what you like, but do it intelligently, so that you feel comfortable too. Intelligence is thus equally helpful in building up a good fashion sense.

Choose Wisely

You can know the feet type you have, all by yourself. Take a piece of construction paper and step on in with wet feet. You will have an impression that will tell whether you have highly arching feet or a flatter one. Also, you can try the heels which have a thicker sole with rubber added to it. It gives you more comfort. Thinner ones cause the feet bottom to ache.

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