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Are you quipping about what to wear on your first date? Looking good is also important besides putting forth your best temperament. But deciding on how you should dress up can be a little taxing.  That’s because you might not able to decide what the right look would be. Here is some advice on dressing up in the right way that might seem helpful for you.

Be Comfortable To Look Good

On the first note, you should feel perfectly comfortable on your first date. So don’t try any new outfit. This is true for both men and women.  Then you wouldn’t fidget all the while.Women should not wear high heels if they don’t have the habit. Men should avoid dressing to overwhelm their date with something totally unexpected.

Keep in Mind the occasion

While dressing up, keep in mind the occasion. A casual date at a coffee shop or even a movie date will demand a not-so-striking outfit. On the other hand, for a dinner at a restaurant go for a less casual look. On a casual date, women can wear a better version of the type they wear regularly. Men can try some jewel shades of t-shirts like cobalt blue or emerald.

Choose the accessories carefully

The right accessories are no less important than the attire. So choose the accessories that would suit you best and would match well with your attire. Heavy accessories like too big earrings or too thick chains don’t go well with attire. Men should not wear too showy hand-bands as they might attract more attention than even the attire.

Give a touch of individuality

Your outfit should have something that seems like your unique style. It should be something that catches the eye but is not too flashy at the same time. Women can try some trendy earrings or even a pretty scarf. Men can wear some interesting accessory. A uniquely styled watch is a good suggestion.

Do not mind showing off Your Good Body-features

Wear something that complements well with your body structure. You must not wear something too tight or more loose-fitting than necessary.Men can wear t-shirts going well with their skin color. Women can wear something like pretty and well-fitting leggings if they have well-shaped legs.

Add something a bit more Stylish

If you prefer to add that extra stylish look, employ some different style.Women might choose to have a different and more fashionable hairstyle. Men can go for any color combination they have not tried before. But it must not look too clumsy. There are many more tricks to add a fascinating yet a sophisticated look.

Stay clean and hygienic

You must have a clean appearance. It is a must and gives you a fresh and active look. Also, don’t use deodorants or shampoos with a very strong smell.Try doing something that will make you freshened up. It can be an afternoon or an evening bath. Women feel fresh after a manicure or a pedicure, so that will be a good idea.

Do not use too much of a perfume

A nice smell may be engaging but not too strong ones. So the use should be enough so as to give the final touch-up to your look.It won’t seem good if you bring a sudden flash of strong smelling perfume as you meet your date. So avoid using too much perfume. Many men and women are now going for natural deo-sprays to keep it simple yet interesting on their date.

Avoid Blunders in Dressing up

Blunders are often not intentional, but they must be avoided as much as possible.Don’t wear something that makes a wrong impression on your date’s mind. A t-shirt with an awkward or too bold quote won’t be proper at all. To avoid making such fashion blunders, you can do a wardrobe reshuffling to filter out the unnecessary clothes.

Prefer to Stay Simple

You must be as simple as you can, in your dressing style. This is because simple is the new beautiful. People prefer the simple and smart look rather than the highly decked up look. There are lots of designs of clothes which are simple but attractive at the same time. So try this out and feel the difference yourself.

Look good and feel good

So this sums up how you should dress up on your first date. The appearance value does count a lot in every situation. So does it, during a date. Have a smiling and welcoming approach along with your look. If you feel good, along with looking good, that will act as the last touch-up for your look. It will work like magic and you are sure to shine in the eyes of your date. Go ahead and dress up in a way that your date will want to meet you again soon.

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