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The World Health Organization has come up with a new advice. As per their new guidelines, the pregnant women should visit a doctor or a midwife who has the requisite training on pregnancy related issues. Previously the advice of W.H.O. was visiting for only 4 times during the period of pregnancy. In these 8 visits, 5 of them need to be done in the last 3 months of pregnancy. It has issued 49 recommendations which are aimed at the prevention of deaths during the childbirth. Local midwives who are often not considered to be reliable have received acknowledgment of W.H.O. It is mainly applicable to the poorer nations where it is difficult to get trained personnel adept to handle pregnancy and childbirth related issues.

Period of Pregnancy is Risky

Visit to the medical professionals require covering long distances in these backward countries. As per the advice of W.H.O., the pregnant women should always take a midwife along during the visit to the medical professionals. The persons should have at least 2 years of medical training. In the case of any kind of trouble or discomfort faced, these people can take the adequate measures so that risk can be averted. The pregnancy period is always very vulnerable as complications may occur any moment.

Proper Care is Required During Pregnancy

As per the global statistics, more than 300,000 of women lose their lives during the stage of pregnancy or during the course of giving birth to the child. W.H.O. aims to bring down this figure. 6 million infants lose their lives in the womb of their mother or during the birth process. Many of them die during the first few months after birth. All these mishaps occur due to improper care during the pregnancy time and the procedures not followed properly during childbirth. The delivery in many cases in the villages and poor countries is done by midwives without proper knowledge of delivery.

W.H.O. Recommendations are Critical for Mother and Child

There are other guidelines also which have been brought out to ensure the health of the would-be mothers. An ultrasonography is needed to be done before 24 weeks of pregnancy has been completed. It can show whether the baby formation is taking place properly and no deformations have occurred. The presence of twins or triplets can also be revealed. Many other recommendations have been made by the W.H.O. to ensure the health of the pregnant mothers and healthy baby’s birth.

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