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Thailand is always considered as one of the most visited places in Asia. It is one of those Asian countries where the footfall of international tourists is endless. However, after some recent incidents of violence, the tourists are warned by the government of this country to “practice extreme caution” while traveling to some parts of Thailand. This is due to the co-ordinated serial blasts that Thailand has experienced recently. These explosions have organized and happened in various cities and killed numerous innocent people. Dozens of others got seriously injured because of this brutal act.

The Series Of Blasts

There were total 11 blasts across the southern part of Thailand within 18 hours. Many cities and resort towns were targeted in these blasts. There were the common citizens of this country as well as tourists who were badly affected because of these blasts. Though, the government is not sure about the mastermind behind these attacks. However, the police of Thailand have confirmed that it has nothing to do with the international terrorism.

The southern part of this country has Islamic inhabitants. Thus, some people think that it might have some connection with the low-level insurgency of that particular part of the country. Nonetheless, the Thai police do not agree with this at all. They do not think that Islamic south has any connection with such kind of blasts.

Advice For The Tourists

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office or FCO advice against all but mandatory travels to the regions like NarathiwatYala, Songkhla, and Pattani on the border of Thailand and Malaysia. According to FCO, there is a maximum level of security in these places and other tourist areas as well as various transport hubs. They have also mentioned that airports are currently out of these high-security measures.

There are some restrictions and checking going on for the local travels. That includes the roads that connect Bangkok and HuaHin.

Both the British Embassy and FCO are keeping a close connection with each other as well as with the local authorities so that the situation can be under control and tourists, and the local people can feel safe. The tourists are requested by FCO to follow their travel advice to avoid any kind of security issue or other trouble during their trip to Thailand.

They also advise the international tourists that if they are currently present in Thailand, then they must try to contact their family and close ones to inform them about their safety. The FCO can help them to communicate with their families too. They added that every tourist must exercise caution in public places and cooperate with the local authorities by following their advice. They can take the help of these local authorities any time in case they feel insecure or need some help.

Thailand is a beautiful place, and it is an amazing tourist destination too. These recent blasts can create a panic among the international tourists, and they may wish to reschedule their plans regarding the visit of Thailand. However, those who are already in this country must follow the instructions of FCO to be safe and have a secured trip in this country.

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