Marijuana usage has been legalized in the two US states of California and Massachusetts recently. The voters in these places voted and made this drug use legal in these states. These states are the most populated in the whole country. This has led to the possibility of similar demands in other states. The authorities have so far marked this drug as highly addictive and offer no medical payback. The marijuana growers are rejoicing and this can help them create good money in the region. The states such as Arizona and Maine have voted marijuana out of favor. In Montana, people sought for the relaxation of an existing marijuana law.

Some Restrictions in the Consumption

As per the new proposals the cannabis would get a similar treatment like alcohol. Only adults above the age of 21 will be able to consume it only for the recreational purposes. No one will be allowed to take it in the public places. There will be heavy taxation on the product. Some people would also be permitted to grow marijuana. Groups that are fighting against drugs are against this idea and have warned that another industry of the big tobacco would come up which would harm to the children to a great extent.

Farming of Pots to Grow

There are disagreements among the different classes of marijuana growers in this region. The larger farms are having more resources and pose a threat to the smaller farmers. The place called Emerald Triangle in North Carolina is a famous region where pot has been grown for decades. Te smaller farmers had been fighting the cause for the legality of the marijuana growing and are joyful as their battle has won the fruits. The pot growing is a major source of earning for these farmers and with the legalization; they are looking forward to economic prosperity.

People All Over Want Legality of Marijuana Use

If the use of marijuana gets legalized in the whole country, 75 million populations would reside in the states where use of recreational marijuana is okay as per law. 25 of the US states allow the use of medical marijuana. Presently 18 million residents can enjoy the recreational; pots in the states where the use is legalized. The demand for the legalization is growing in the whole country. As per a poll conducted, the majority of the US citizens are in the favor of using recreational marijuana. If legalized, this will add to the exchequer of the state also.

A Boost to the Tourism Industry

As per the new regulations, people who are above the age of 21 years can have an ounce of the plant with them. A person would be permitted to growing 6 plants in one’s own home. Use of marihuana will boost the tourism industry also. People from other countries would be interested in visiting these states where the use of pots for recreational purposes is legalized. Many people in the other states are looking forward for the easing out of the law in their states too.

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