Kerala is also known as ‘God’s Own Country’ for its lush nature and excellent landscapes. A lot of people prefer traveling to Kerala during Peak Season however, Monsoon season has its own perks too! Here are the top 5 reasons why you need to visit Kerala during the monsoon season –

  1. Super cost-effective
    Kerala is one of the most visited travel destinations not just by the locals but also by the foreign tourists. This means that during peak season, the costs double up for almost everything right from the food and stay to the taxi rentals as well as shopping! During the monsoon season, you can enjoy excellent discounts on your flight tickets as well as resort bookings. Most of the resorts have heavy discounts during the monsoon season in Kerala since it is as off-peak season. You can expect anywhere from 20% to 35% discounts on almost every service!
  2. Best time for Ayurvedic treatments
    Monsoon is the best weather for Ayurvedic treatments. This is because Ayurveda has excellent health benefits during the monsoon season when the entire atmosphere is moist. The humidity in the are softens the tissues in the body which makes the Ayurvedic massages and medicines to work more effectively. Kerala is one of the birth places of Ayurvedic treatments right from medications to massages and most people choose this weather for their Ayurvedic treatments.
  3. Lush greenery
    During the monsoon season, the entire hills, landscapes as well as gardens are completely lush and green. The rain nourishes all the greenery on the mountains and the hills for the tea, spices and other crops. You can enjoy a scenic view of different shades of green on the landscapes as well as natural waterfalls, rivers and lakes which add to this scenic view. Enjoy excellent and breathtaking views and soak in all the rains and smell the fresh wet soils!
  4. Excellent for rain lovers
    If you are someone who absolutely loves the monsoons, Kerala is one of the best places to enjoy the rains in their full-blown beauty! The sound of rainfall is one of the most soothing sounds and what better way to enjoy this by heading to a state that has the most amount of rainfall! Since Kerala is a coastal state, the rain can range anywhere from a few hours to a few days. If you have a small resort amidst the forests, the sound of rains against the branches and leaves can be extremely mesmerizing.
  5. Celebrate Onam
    Onam is one of the harvest season festivals celebrated in Kerala. It is a way of thanking the Rain Gods for nourishing the crops with the rain water. According to old folklore, Onam is celebrated as a welcome for the King Mahabali who comes down every year from heaven to Earth to watch his country prosper. The streets are decorated with flowers and lights and everyone dresses up in their best traditional attire to celebrate this special day. The Snake Boat Race is one of the most iconic events of this festval along with the entire 10-day festivities!
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