Interested in working in the IT sector but don’t have any software knowledge? Don’t be disappointed as the tech industry has come up with a large number of non- technical high-paid jobs for you. Take a look into the career prospects where you don’t need to master Java or .Net.

  • Work as Tech support: This is a highly lucrative job- profile in any industry or software company. The software engineers develop and deploy software for a company. But the users of the client have no idea about any technical terms. You have to train them in the non-technical process, how to use the system and basic troubleshooting. You will impart training to the IT Company’s staffs too regarding the rules and protocols to follow while working.
  • Be a Sales Personnel: A business will never expand unless it expands its customer base. Computer science experts will develop systems as per requirements of the clients. But they cannot acquire new clients by explaining the advantages of using such software. It will be your job to sell the product to other companies with similar required features.
  • Opt for technical writing: The computer language experts can frame up the methodological modules quickly, but when it comes to writing down on paper, they are not capable enough. These call for technical writers where you need to write down the user manuals and guides correctly. You must have excellent writing skill and also have the mentality to understand user psychology. The more concise and easy your explanations are, the better your prospect will be.
  • Apply for Project Manager: A complete project does not involve only writing codes. It also requires scheduling meetings between clients and developers, assigning work modules as per the skill of workers within the project group, marketing of the product, setting up a deployment team, communicating between testers and coders, and many such crucial jobs. The project manager is supposed to handle all of this
  • Be a part of Research Team: The research team does an extensive market analysis to understand the nature of work of the client company and the psychological framework of the people who purchase their service. Now your task is to explain to the programmers precisely what a user asks for when they use your client’s product. The tech team will create the project maintaining user specifications.
  • Work as HR: Be the Human Resource manager of the company. When the planning phase of a product is complete, the team will come up with the list of the required skill set. Your job is to hire the minimum number of employees that will give maximum output with the least cost to the company.

Your dream to work in the technology industry will soon come true with absolutely no technical certifications if you can grab any of the above-mentioned job opportunities.

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