Top 5 Cryptocurrencies To Invest in 2018

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What’s on the cryptocurrency horizon for 2018?  Nowadays more people want to trade with this virtual currency to get more profit.  This is an ideal opportunity to examine the performance of some of the leading cryptocurrencies during the current year. It is also the perfect time to assess the potential of the market in the upcoming year. The world of currency has made a revolutionary change with the introduction of digital medium of exchange. The advanced encryption techniques called cryptology which is being utilized have assisted in making this academic concept a reality.

Investigation of some of the leading cryptocurrencies

The introduction of Bitcoin in 2009 has succeeded in attracting the attention of many people. There are thousands of cryptocurrencies in the world. Let us highlight the top currencies to invest in the forthcoming year.

  1. Trading of Bitcoin

In the global payment system, everyone is aware of this virtual currency. It has made its mark as the first decentralized virtual currency. The method works without the intervention of a single administrator. The innovative payment system makes use of a unique technology which enables peer to peer transactions. If you have a basic understanding of other peers to peer technologies, you will see that there are some differences in the virtual currency domain. In the worldwide payment system peer to peer implies a one to one relationship. You will not see the presence of any central authority. Anyone can participate in the network, and its open-source design is unique in the sense that nobody can control the virtual currency. Managing transactions with Bitcoins is exciting. You will not see the existence of such features in any previous payment system. Research results have shown the growth of Bitcoins by leaps and bounds. This has made the investor insiders predict that the digital asset is here to stay for an extended period.

  1. Ethereum domain

From the market capitalization perspective, Ethereum is the second largest currency. Though it has failed to reach the heights that have been scaled by Bitcoin, this digital medium of exchange cannot be ignored in any manner. This medium of exchange has solidified its position in the market and could topple the pioneer cryptocurrency any day soon. The co-founder of this medium of exchange is one of the influential people. He has devised some plans for the future to stay in the game. The company is laying importance on four aspects which require improvement. They have been identified as consensus safety, privacy, contract safety and scalability. The simplification of the process of compliance for financial institutions has helped in the upward movement of ethereum price.

  1. Emergence of Litecoin

Another alternative option is Litecoin. It was introduced with the objective of managing some of the flaws in the original Bitcoin system. It came into the market in 2011. Faster transaction confirmation is possible using this alternative medium of exchange. From the technical perspective, it is quite similar to Bitcoin. The transfer of these coins is not governed by any central authority. This medium of exchange is based upon open source cryptographic protocol and has managed to grab one of the top five slots just within five years of its incorporation. Due to its high potential, the digital asset is predicted to be profitable in the next year.

  1. Frictionless experience with Ripple

In the dynamic world of virtual currencies, Ripple has managed to make its presence felt in the market. This digital asset has managed to make a mark for itself, and financial analysts are predicting a bright future for this system. Their prediction is based on the observance of two factors. Transactions around the globe are taking place at faster speed, and you have to spend very negligible fees with the help of Ripple network. Just like other currencies, Ripple can be traded on various exchanges. Speed and ease of use are the main benefits associated with Ripple network. Since this system has a powerful connection with the primary banking institutions, it is considered to be a safe investment. The logic is that banking institutions will not rely on technologies and then discard it after a few years.

  1. Upcoming medium of exchange Dash

The popularity of Dash is growing every day. It is also known as Xcoin. This virtual medium of exchange is launched in 2014 and has a massive fan following base due to the innovative approaches in mining and rapid processing speed. Compared to other alternative currencies, this company operates differently. Dash has replaced full nodes and makes use of master nodes for conducting operations of a full node. The payment is made on a weekly basis. In the case of other cryptocurrencies, miners are rewarded when they end up making a transaction block. However, in the digital world of Dash, there is a sharing of reward among the miners, master nodes and the treasury of cryptocurrency. This concept of setting aside funds in the treasury has assisted Dash in its business development endeavors be it sales or marketing ventures. This business model has also made the company self- reliant in every aspect. The company is not dependent on any sort of donations from any institution.

Develop awareness of the market analysis

There are some limitations faced by these virtual currencies. A computer crash or ransacking of the virtual vault by a hacker can erode away the digital money. However, these problems can be overcome with technological advancements. On the global platform day by day, the number of merchants embracing cryptocurrencies is increasing. If you are thinking of investing in cryptocurrencies, you should be aware of the latest insights of the markets.


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