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Top 5 Celebrities Standing Up for Female Empowerment Campaigns

Female Empowerment Campaigns

One does not need a women’s day to stand up for all that is right for the women of this generation.

This is because when women all around the world are healthy, safe, empowered and educated it is going to have a ripple effect that shall be positive. The whole concept of female empowerment is about helping the women while having a considerable improvement in global health, lifting the families of poor girls so that they get the basic needs and most importantly educating them. When the girls are supported for their rights it becomes a smart policy. This is because women and women are equally endowed with the same amount of dignity. Many celebrities have stood up for this noble cause and they are mentioned below.

1. Beyonce for Intersectionality

Beyonce is one of the feminist celebrities, who has come about her protest against intersectionality. BeyonceThrough her music videos, she has drawn attention to some major issues that involve gender and race. According to her, no woman shall be discriminated on the basis of socioeconomic status, ability, sexuality and race. Celebrities have the power to make their voices heard and are able to generate well-rounded legislation and action.

Daniel Craig2. Daniel Craig for income inequality

Daniel Craig is one of the male feminist celebrities who has spoken for the wage gap that is the most underestimated. The problem of inequality in incomes at workplaces has really been an old one and this one has been an overarching theme this women’s day.

 Emma Watson3. Emma Watson on gender inequality

Emma Watson remains steadfast in her fights for gender equality. According to her, more and more men should actually be advocates for gender inequality. There is violence everywhere and ensuring the security of any woman who is weak and vulnerable is her right and not a privilege. To address the issue she has been part of many Female Empowerment Campaigns.

4. Reese Witherspoon on domestic violence

Reese WitherspoonReese has been one of the domestic violence activists and has been on an empowering movement to stop this violence. She holds the chair for being the global ambassador of many foundations. In fact, she went ahead and launched “empowerment bracelets” for raising funds as possible for women who have been suffering because of abuse. The bracelets have an infinity charm which represents the infinite lives woman could enjoy if there was no violence on them.


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