Do you think there can be no sports beyond Cricket, Rugby, Baseball, Tennis and other such mainstream ones? You are absolutely wrong for here goes a list of the ten weirdest sports that will highly amaze you.

  • Wife carrying: Originating in Finland, this sport is about the male competitors carrying their female counterparts over various water and land obstacles. The best prize for the winner is beer corresponding to wife’s weight.
Wife Carrying
  • Extreme Ironing: This latest dangerous stunt is about ironing your clothes at extreme remote localities. Film yourself while ironing hanging from a cliff, on top of moving vehicles, under the water, or even while water skiing.
  • World Gurning Challenge: Just opposite to beauty contests, this championship is for the ones who can make their faces look the ugliest. The more you can twitch and pucker up your face, the better a contender you are. The worst looking face is the winner.
World Gurning Challenge
  • Cheese Rolling: Imagine yourself chasing a massive ball of cheese rolling down a steep hill. That’s what the Cooper’s Hill annual event of Cheese- Rolling is all about. The first contestant to reach the base of the hill wins the cheese.
Cheese Rolling race
  • Toe wrestling: Pin down your contenders’ foot using the strength of your toes. This crazy event dates back to 1976 where the contenders will interlock their bare big toes and force the each other to slip off the toe from the tedium.
Toe wrestling
  • Shin Kicking: The competitors literally kick each other on their shins until one of them is on his knees. This hilarious combat began in England during the early 17th century and presently held as an annual event in Dover’s Hill.
Shin Kicking
  • High Heels Drag Queen Race: This event started with 25 ladies sprinting upstairs to have a shot of schnapps and then run back to the streets during the Halloweens of 1986. It has become popular then onwards and presently, it’s a long race in heels for the stylish ladies up and down a given route.
High Heels Drag Queen Race
  • Chess Boxing: Straight out from the pages of a French comic book, this wacky sport combines alternate rounds of boxing with chess. The contest starts with a chess round of four minutes followed by boxing for two minutes and lasts till a knockout or checkmate. The challengers play 12 rounds for each battle.
  • YubeeLakpee: A crazy sport played by men of Manipur which involves snatching a coconut, very similar to playing rugby. With seven players in each team, the players will throw, catch and keep the coconut in possession till a player scores the goal.
  • Egg Throwing: This Easter special event is about throwing eggs but without breaking them. The egg- toss competition demands extreme skill so that the egg will not break when it touches the soft grassy land.
Egg Throwing

Mention any other funny sports you might have seen or played in below comments section!

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