Traveling solo is one of the most exhilarating and soulful experiences that one can ever have. If you are a woman planning out a solo trip, it is essential to follow certain precautionary measures for your safety. Here are top 10 safety tips women traveling alone –

  1. Share your itinerary details with loved ones
    When solo traveling, be it within the country or internationally, be sure to share your itinerary details with your best friend, partner, family members such as flight tickets, skydiving bookings etc. This makes it easier for your loved ones to keep a track of you.
  2. Get international phone plans
    It is best to set up an international roaming with your mobile provider so that you can use your SIM card while traveling around. Along with this, you can also purchase a local SIM card once you get to your location. Smartphones with dual SIM card options are an excellent option to keep both your local as well as your international SIM cards.
  3. Distribute your money in different bags
    Never keep all your money in one handbag. Distribute some money in different bags, handbags as well as wallets and backpacks. This way, you will still have cash in case one bag gets stolen.
  4. Take your bag to the bathroom
    Never leave your handbag or your travel bags unattended. Always take your handbag with you to the bathroom even if you only need to wash your hands for a few seconds so that you don’t lose travel documents and other essentials.
  5. Use the ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign on your hotel door
    This prevents your items from being stolen by the room service workers. Never tell the reception to have someone ‘clean up the room’ while you’re away because this is a sure shot sign that you are going to be out of the hotel.
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  6. Choose the right Air BnBs
    When selecting Air BnBs for your stay, choose the one that has the most positive feedback from customers. Be sure to double check the profiles of the customers to ensure that these are real and not fake profiles just for the reviews.
  7. Carry safety equipment
    Always carry safety equipment like pepper spray, knuckle duster as well as a keyring which is equipped with a tiny flashlight, whistleblower and a small laser. This will help you when traveling alone in the evenings.
  8. Bring a portable charger
    This is an absolute must when traveling solo because you don’t want to run out of charge on your smartphone, laptop or even your iPad when traveling alone.
  9. Don’t forget travel insurance
    Travel insurance is an absolute must when traveling within the country or abroad. This helps you get a refund in case of any flight cancellations or even any lost baggage.
  10. Backup your documents
    You can backup all your travel documents online on Google Drive or Dropbox as well as emails. This is necessary in case you lose your original printed documents while traveling.
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