Remove Stubborn Wallpaper

Is Home Improvement your calling where you would want to have your walls painted and get rid of the wallpaper? A glaring exhibition of craftsmanship that is overly amateur is painting over wallpapers that exist. This is a gross mistake for various reasons as leaving wallpapers in place when the painting is coming off or the corner of the wallpaper starts coming loose besides panels pealing up. Your paint job shall be done only for naught.

It doesn’t matter how beautifully you accomplish at the job of painting, you shall have seam lines left that show-up. The things can get worse if the paint on the wall is a single color and wallpaper is patterned with lines sticking out resembling sore thumb, can be a terrible sight. Here are tips to remove the stubborn wallpaper.

Removing it with ease

Removing the wallpaper can be one vital step towards Home Improvement. Therefore, you must remember that trick is to get the moisture underneath the paper. This moisture helps in releasing the glue. In the recent times, various brands have come up with their own scoring tools. This tool makes small holes throughout the paper and once you have scored, the stripping solution has to be applied. This solution soaks through perforations and releases the glue. Fortunately, wallpapers today are quite easy to remove. Some do not even require any stripping solution but a fingernail for peeling it all up.

The steam

When you have to deal with the most stubborn wallpaper then the good old steam works fine. There are wallpapers that refuse to go and while some may use glue to have the home restored, however, later these can be extremely challenging to remove. You can buy the steamer that is not too expensive and if used just once, the efforts and time are saved. The cost later seems reasonable. In case you do not intend to buy a steamer then you can always rent one.

Creating solutions on your own

The internet is brimming with DIY solutions and you can always make one seeing a video that is actually one of a kind life hacks. Stripping solution that you shall be suing shall be made b you and the materials you require entail a sponge, putty knife, stepladder, drop cloth, spray bottle, scarping tool, a removal solvent and a dishwashing detergent. The fabric softener and hot water must be combined to make a solution so that it can later be used in small batches. The dish detergent can be mixed with hot water for wiping down the walls so that the wallpaper adhesive is removed completely. Once the job is done the walls must be rinsed down.


There are many resources available to get rid of the wallpaper and these involve heavy duty cleaners that are available in the form of granules, fabric softeners and all the like. Whichever method suits your style you can go ahead with the method and have those stubborn wallpapers removed. There is stripping solution as well as steamers that help do the job perfectly.


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