Change A Flat Tire

Searching for a guide on how to change a flat tire? Here are the solutions.  Though the steps are easy, it depends on the type of vehicle you are handling. Flat tires can occur anywhere, so let us scroll through the solution.

A safe location for to change the tire

You should have a hard, equal surface that will confine the vehicle from rolling. If you are nearby a road, park as far as possible from traffic and turn on emergency flashers or the hazard lights. You should avoid natural ground and hills. Keep a heavy object like a rock, bricks, etc. in front of the front and rear trundles.

Spare wheel and Jack

First the spare part should be kept near the flat one. Then maintain the jack below the frame near the tire that you are going to alter. Make certain whether it is in connection with the metal portion of your vehicle’s frame. The jack must be decisively in place against the underneath of the vehicle. Ensure that this is vertical to the ground.

Hubcaps and Nuts

Take away the hubcap and loosen the screw by rotating counter-clockwise. It is not required to take them all the way off, but it is to break the resistance. By maintaining the trundles on the ground when the nuts are first loosened, make certain that you’re rotating the screw instead of the trundles. Then you have to pump the lever to lift the wheel above from the ground to eliminate the flat wheel and change it with a spare.

Removing the tire

Turn the nuts counterclockwise till they are loose. It applies to repeat it with all nuts and then to remove the nuts wholly. Keep the flat tire under the vehicle so that in the case of a jack failure the automobile can fall on the old wheel, thereby averting damage. Placing the device on a hard, robust and flat base will help in avoiding problems.

Placing the spare one

You should be careful while aligning the rim of your replacement tire with the wheel bolts and then you have to put the lug nuts on. Title the screw as much as possible. Use wrench as much as possible for tightening. Turning of each nut should continue entirely till tight. Bring the car to the ground fully and before removing the device and finishing tightening the bolts and replacing the hubcap.

Repair the old one

 Now you need to put the old wheel in the trunk and take it to a mechanic for repairs. Always a spare wheel should be there.

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