The all-new iPhone iOS 11 updates are here and the new and improved update has refined the user experience and made it so much better! The clean minimalistic look is one of the key features of this update along with a better user interface. Although this new update is one of Apple’s best updates so far, it is also one that drains the battery life a lot!

Here are 10 different ways in which you can improve your battery life on the new iPhone iOS 11 update –

  1. Remove rogue applications
    this means that you need to get rid of applications that have taken up the most power in the last 24hours or in the last two days. You can find this information in the Settings>Battery tab. Either remove this app altogether or simply reduce the usage time of these applications.
  2. Remove unnecessary animations
    Do you really need that fancy animated desktop wallpaper or that parallax effect which makes your wallpaper tile as you move your iPhone? These take up a lot of battery life so you can increase your battery life by disabling these features.
  3. Turning off Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Location
    When these are not in use, it is best to turn these off especially the location as GPS option because these drain a lot of your battery life. You can go to Settings>Privacy>Location Services>System Service and turn off the location for applications that don’t need it at all.
  4. Background apps
    Close all your background apps to save your battery charge. The Background App Refresh options is a feature of the iOS that automatically refreshes the apps that are most used. It is best to disable this feature because it drains a lot of battery!
  5. Display and Brightness
    Phone display brightness also takes up a lot of battery life. The best thing to do is reduce the screen brightness because the brighter screens take up the most battery. Turn on the auto brightness mode which adjusts the brightness according to the light in your surrounding area.
  6. Turn off iPhone’s Fitness tracking feature
    if you own a Fitbit or any other fitness tracker or an Apple watch and don’t want to track your fitness on your phone, it’s best to turn this feature off to save the battery life. You can do this from Settings>Privacy>Motion & Fitness and turn off the feature.
  7. Wi-Fi Assist
    This feature allows the phone to switch to mobile data whenever the wi-fi quality is poor. This hampers the battery life of the phone and becomes super inconvenient when you are moving around your house and want to stay connected to the Wi-Fi. Turn this feature off immediately!
  8. Older iPhone models
    If you own an iPhone 6, 6plus, 6S or5s, don’t update to this iOS 11 just yet because it will drain out your battery ridiculously. Wait for the next update which will be an improvement for sure!
  9. Low power mode
    Always keep this on so that the phone can automatically go into power saving mode when the battery is low. Also, don’t let icloud backup your images automatically as this will take up battery life.
  10. Fetch mail
    By default, the iPhone is configured to fetch mail via an app called Push to receive mail updates instantly. Turn this feature on for update every 30 mins so that you don’t miss out on priority mail and your inbox isn’t hitting refresh every few seconds. This will definitely save your battery life.
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