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How many and which most beautiful places in the world have you gone? Which of the best menus from world-class restos have you tasted? And if there’s one neatest spot on earth you would be given the chance to visit, what would it be? Aren’t these questions kind of bugging you to book a ticket online for a summer vacation in the Maldives? Go ahead, traveling will make you feel refreshed. But did you know that your home can actually, equally give you far better benefits than those five-star hotels and white sand beaches offer?

The world’s famous most beautiful garden…

The landscape design of the Kenrokuen in Kanazawa Japan, where a glorious scenery of contrasting colors of the different flowers like Tsubaki, Kiku, Suisen, Fuji, Ume, Higanbana, Suitopi, Himawari, and Sakura fill the entire garden, speaks of how the Japanese people love the arts and nature. The garden was built to be a place for leisure for the past feudal lords, but has become a top attraction for visitors in Japan due to its collaborative features that include ponds, streams, hills, groves, pavilions and tea houses.

… versus your garden at home

Who says you can’t have a Japanese garden at the front yard of your modern prefab home? Well let’s say you can’t pick all those beautiful flowers grown in the Kenrokuen garden in Japan because in the first place you are staying home, but what better way to equal the feel of the scenery is by setting up a similar one at your front yard. The basics start off with a rock garden which is a combination of rocks and sand, moss to establish balance, small stone pathways and flowers. Keep it simple and make sure every little detail you put in there and every design you create has a purpose – that is zen.  

That classy five star hotel….

It’s nice to know that you’ve got a chauffeur to pick you up upon arriving at the airport and bring you to the hotel where a comfy bed wrapped in soft linens and fluffy cotton pillows await. Add to that, an array of different cuisines on the breakfast buffet table to feast on in the morning, custom-stocked fridge filled with sodas and beer, and a complimentary movie or DVD library where you can choose individually. For your information, these amenities are not over the top, but just the simplest a five-star hotel can offer.

… versus your bedroom

Now this, your bedroom comes for free without booking one, two or three night packages, but accessible anytime you want to lodge in. Just a little diligence on keeping your linens clean and regularly replaced will give you all the comfort as that of a queen bed. And who would need a chauffeur to drive you to wherever when maneuvering the steering wheel yourself gives you the freedom to head to places you want to go. No worries about your bedroom fridge as well, just go ahead and store up as much food and drinks as it can accommodate and it’s all yours to consume anytime you want.

Those sumptuous cuisines in well-known restaurants…

Foodies have spoken and chose Osteria Francescana, a restaurant in Italy as the best restaurant in the world for 2018, and on the same occasion, its chef, Massimo Bottura, got the top slot too. Great restaurants with great chefs offer different food prep categories that would definitely please your palate. From starters like Five Ages of Parmigiano Reggiano in different textures and temperatures to first and second courses such as Modenese miniature tortellini served in capon broth and Lobster with double sauces, and of course, yummy desserts.

…versus your kitchen and dining room

In spite the comley presentation of the food these restaurants serve, home-cooked meals are still far better than anything else. You have the kitchen ready for you to devour with your classic recipes like mac ‘n’ cheese, chicken casserole, pasta with salmon and peas, one-pan egg and veg brunch and spiced koftas with honey and chickpeas. Foods that can be consumed at any mealtime without the hassle of following a meal category and changing one plate to another, with less sugar, and spices that sometimes make your food taste and feel alien to your palate. More so, dining at home will save you money and will give you the most comfortable dining experience over any best restaurant in the world.

The best white sand beaches…

If you take a look at a collage of the top 50 best beaches in the world, it would somehow just show a monochromatic scene of blue skies, white sand and green leaves. But look at the pictures one by one and take your imagination to one of the best rated beaches in the world – Dhigurah Island in Maldives, and add up some paradise-like surrounding, crystal waters and the wind. Sea waves will relax your mind while the sea air will boost your immune system. Of course, basking in the sun would not only give a natural tan but also cure skin diseases.

…versus vour home

Your home may just serve your foot with sand and stones to walk on, your pool may sometimes go muzzy and what you see around aren’t green leaves of palm or coconut trees, but maybe cactuses, conifers and bushes. But a home has much more to give – it gives you a sense of familiarity, it is where you first learn knowledge and skills, a place where you beget affection, belongingness and concern. Your home may not contain all the magnificence those beautiful beaches have, but simply a family who would unconditionally love you, understand your woes and blues and help you through life’s ups and downs.

Lastly, here’s an A-list bucket list you might want to consider for 2019:

  • A regular movie date with family in your living room during Saturdays  
  • Create a new pasta in the kitchen
  • And play mind games at the attic with your siblings
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