March is the month when winter morphs into spring. As the weather starts to change, you feel like you need to travel. Here you will find a few destinations that go perfectly well with the climate. Everyone can use a little excitement during this time. At Rio de Janeiro, the pre-Lenten Carnival will take place. At Dublin, St. Patrick’s Day will lead the people out of their homes and on to the streets. Agrigento in Sicily will welcome the blossoms on the almond trees.

Phoenix, Arizona

Phoenix of Arizona

The place where the tranquil desert meets the bustling city is Phoenix. You can go on an invigorating hike at the Grand Canyon. You can also check out the exotic plants of the desert at the Desert Botanical Garden. Outside the metropolis of Phoenix, you’ll find Tempe, which is the home of the Tempe Diablo Stadium. The Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series will take place there. Or you can head to the legendary Arizona Baltimore, where there will be a celebration of the 90th anniversary.

San Luis Obispo

San Luis Obispo of California

One of California’ oldest communities, is the San Luis Obispo, founded by Spanish Franciscan Junipero Serra. The California Polytechnic State University in the city is the largest employment provider. On the campus is the Christopher Cohen Performing Arts Center where you can watch plays, music, dance and other art forms. In this month, the San Luis International Film Festival also takes place. It may not have fame as being a great creator of wine, but San Luis Obispo’s central coast wineries are fabulous.

French Polynesia

The French artist Paul Gauguin arrived at French Polynesia and never left the place. From that time, the exotic islands of this place have been attracting visitors. The white and black sand beaches, the tropical weather, the lush forests, and the turquoise seas have been attracting travelers like a magnet. There are one hundred and eighteen islands at French Polynesia, of which the main island is Tahiti. A museum in Tahiti has the most massive display of black pearls. There are multiple spots where you can dive or snorkel and go head to head with colorful fishes and turtles.

Rio de Janeiro of Brazil

Everyone knows of Brazil and its craze for football, its world-famous beaches, tropical rainforests, and stunning mountains. Rio has the most breathtaking landscape among them all. The iconic Carnival of Rio happens in March. This Carnival happens in many other places in the world, but none is as stylish and mesmerizing as Rio’s. Since 1723, the Carnival occurs before Lent. It continues for a week, and the natives and visitors enjoy dancing, music, feasting and more.

Agrigento of Sicily

Agrigento of Sicily

Agrigento is on the top of a hill and overlooks the ruins of the ancient city of Akragas. There is an incredible collection of 6th and 4th century BC temples at the Valley of Temples. It is one of the most favorite among tourists to Sicily and Italy. The contrast of the high rise buildings on Agrigento with the ruins of Akragas in the background is splendid. The waters of the Mediterranean Sea meet the beaches just a bit far away. Agrigento celebrates the Almost Blossom Festival in March.

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